You are currently viewing Live Results Available at Metro & Sprint Series

Live Results Available at Metro & Sprint Series

Remember the old hanging results?

Tired after a hard run, you would write (or more likely scrawl) your name and time on a sticky label, then try to peel it from its backing and stick it (hopefully at least somewhat straight) to a wooden slat.

Then you would go to the rope line or frame from which the slats hung, inevitably finding that your time belonged somewhere in the middle of the column. So now you had to unhook the precariously secured slats of your competitors and insert yours without upsetting the whole apparatus.

At this point you would find that your label was upside down (is it hooks or loops at the top? – I forgot every time). Eventually your result would be in its rightful place, just in time for the next finisher to repeat the whole process.

But all the fuss was worth it, since you could see how your time compared soon after finishing your run.

A new & improved solution

New technology means we now have an easier and faster alternative.

When you download at any Metro or Sprint Series event your result is uploaded to the internet, where it can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

There’s no need to crowd around a single results display, instead you can maintain social distancing and view the results on your own smartphone, either directly in a browser here, or more elegantly via the free LiveOL app, available for iOS and Android.

Best of all, you don’t need to do a thing, just download your SI stick as you would normally and your result, and those of your competitors, is instantly available.

Live results will be available at every upcoming Sprint and Metro Series event.