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ACT Night-O Championships, 18 March

Registration is open for the 2020 ACT Night Orienteering Championships to be held at Cooleman Ridge on Wednesday 18 March.

Coach in Residence Fryderyk is organising this informal championship as a fun finale to his summer of coaching, and to help everyone hone their technical skills in preparation for other upcoming championship races.

Fryderyk says:

“ACT Night Champs will offer excellent opportunity for head to head competition still requiring Your own navigation throughout whole time. The course is set to challenge the runners and split them using butterflies forking. The moderate course will be about 4km long and hard will be about 7km long. Come and join us running in marvellous granite terrain with some really detailed orienteering places. It will be a lovely event with many views of Canberra’s city at night. The course are set, the map is checked – charge Your headlight, enter the event and embark for the night adventure.”

There will be mass start of all competitors at 8pm to create a spectacle that will surely rival Finland’s Jukola relay.
Two courses will be on offer: one hard course (7km), and one moderate course (4km). Multiple looped course variations will be used to separate runners. Note: the hard course has more than 30 controls and will exceed the capacity of some older SI sticks. 

More information is available here.

Enter here by Monday 16 March. There will be no enter on the day.