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Upcoming MTBO Coaching Workshops

We are very excited to offer the ACT’s first ever series of proper Mountain Bike Orienteering coaching sessions, designed for MTBO beginners and newcomers.

Mountain bike orienteering is an exciting endurance sport attracting both orienteers and mountain bikers. The most important orienteering skills needed are route choice and map reading. Confident bike handling and ability to cope with slopes both up and down is an must for a top level athlete.

ACT MTB Orienteering is beginners & family friendly and invites everyone who loves ride a bike but has never tried orienteering before to learn a new skill and try MTBO orienteering.

We are aiming to attract more juniors to ACT MTBO, but adults and seniors are also warmly welcomed. The workshops are for anyone who wants to develop, improve, or refresh their MTBO skills, or just try something really exciting and new! 

There will be 5 MTBO coaching sessions starting on Thursday 19 March.

More details are available in the information flyer, and registration is available here.

We very much look forward to seeing you at our MTBO Coaching Sessions!

Don’t forget the upcoming MTBO Series opener at Bruce Ridge on Saturday 14 March, details and entry are available here.
The complete programme of 2020 ACT MTBO events is available here.