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Juniors Raced Around Radford

Pictured left to right: Elin Erne, Andrew Kerr, David Stocks

Juniors filled the top five positions, on corrected time, in Runners Shop Twilight Series event # 14 at Radford College on Wednesday.  The top five in the event were:

  • 125 Elin Erne PO A
  • 124 Andrew Kerr PO A
  • 123 David Stocks BS A
  • 122 Ella Cuthbert PO A
  • 121 Toby Lang BS A

The standings were updated after event #14, but with two events cancelled due to smoke hazards and fire bans, the Series will have only 13 events, with the best seven events (half plus one) will be counted.  The top five best seven scores after 12 events (with the best possible score in brackets) are:

  1. Shannon Jones AO A 869 (871)
  2. Elin Erne PO A 863 (868)
  3. David Stocks BS A 857 (863)
  4. Martin Dent RR A 855 (863)
  5. Ella Cuthbert PO A 855 (863)

The full results are here, the Winsplits are here, the maps and photos are here, and the current standings are here.

The next and final event will be on Oakey Hill on Wednesday 4 March.  It will be the first use of Oakey Hill since before the fires of 2003.