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Junior Upstages Favourites Around the top of Red Hill

Eleven-year-old Elye Dent upstaged his Dad and the other top competitors in scoring the maximum points in the Runners Shop Twilight Series event # 12 around the upper slopes of Red Hill on Wednesday. Jo Allison, the perennial high scorer when she makes her cameo appearances, was next best.

Course planner extraordinaire, Bob Allison, set two challenging Moderate courses, both physically and navigationally,.and scholarship coach, Fryderyk Pryjma, added to the challenge for Moderate 1 competitors who opted to use his training map; see the maps and photos on Facebook.

The fastest males and females on each course were:

  • Moderate 1 4.9 km: Males: Martin Dent RR A 31:44, Paul de Jongh 33:14, David Stocks BS A 36:05 (Training Map); Females: Shannon Jones AO A 36:18, Elin Erne PO A 37:11, Ella Cuthbert PO A 39:42.
  • Moderate 2: 3.3 km: Males: Elye Dent RR A 23:04, Roy Prosser BS A 26:15,  Samuel Wilson RR A 32:35; Females: Jo Allison RR A 25:12, Tara Sutherland PO A 31:41, Zoe Terrill BS A 35:12.
  • Easy: 1.9 km: Males: Connor Dent RR A 15:26, Hayden Dent RR A 15:35, Thomas Uberdi 17:50; Females: Rosie Waddell-Wood BS A 8368 23:07, Christine Maniti: PO A 26:50, Caitlyn Maniti PO A 27:52.
  • Very Easy: 1.6 km: Males: Zaf Bluett-Jones AO A 3250 19:55, Thurein Halpin PO A 21:34, Ben Mansell BS A 21:37; Females: Rui Bluett-Jones AO A 20:25, Rose Biboudis 23:07, Layla Dent RR A 23:28.

The full results are here and the Winsplits are here.

The top five competitors on the evening, after km rates were corrected for age and gender were:

  1. Elye Dent RR A 125
  2. Jo Allison RR A 124
  3. Shannon Jones AO A 123
  4. Elin Erne PO A 122
  5. Anthony Scott RR A 121

And the top best six scores after 10 events are:

  • 744 Shannon Jones AO A
  • 738 Martin Dent RR A
  • 738 Elin Erne PO A
  • 725 Ella Cuthbert PO A
  • 723 David Stocks BS A

The standings after 10 events are here.

The next event will be at Stromlo Forest Park on Wednesday 19 February