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David Stocks Scores Another 125-pointer

The Moderate 1 and 2 courses (including the mini-map) prepared by Justine Hobson (under guidance from senior Bushflyers) for Runners Shop Twilight Series event # 7 on Campbell Parklands map (including Mt Pleasant) were quite challenging, especially the Mod 1 Training Map.  David Stocks made the most of the absence of some top competitors to score his second 125-pointer for the series, but as he has only completed three courses, he does not feature in the top four aggregated scores.

The top three competitors (men and women) on each course, before times were corrected for age and gender were:

  • Moderate 1: 5.9 km: 22 C: MEN: Martin Dent RR A 31:43, David Stocks BS A 32:14, Paul de Jongh 33:34 (Training Map); WOMEN: Shannon Jones AO A 32:49, Marina Iskhakova RR A 45:46, Abigail George TT S 54:14.
  • Moderate 2: 4.6 km: 17 C: MEN: Jacob Miller BS A 33:32, Elye Dent RR A 34:09, Mark Colwell 34:17; WOMEN: Zoe Terrill BS A 39:17, Sandra Lindberg 43:16, Monika Binder PO A 45:16.
  • Moderate 3: 2.7 km: 9 C: MEN: Hayden Dent RR A 27:36, Jamie Elwood 30:44, Michael Radajewski PO A 31:52; WOMEN: Ingrid Shelton Agar AO A 32:19, Annette Lescinsky BS A 34:51, Mika Moor BS A 34:52.
  • Easy: 2.1 km: 13 C: MEN: Mica Walter RR A, Roy Shepherd RR A 28:17, Kristian Maksan GJ A 24:15; WOMEN: Ariadna Iskhakova RR A38:39, Veronika Iskhakova RR A 39:10, Keir Edwards 40:45.
  • Very Easy: 1.5 km: 8 C: MEN: Zaf Bluett-Jones AO A 15:12, Connor Dent RR A 19:32,
    Lewie Shepherd RR A 19:54; WOMEN: Banjo Bluett-Jones AO A 15:37, Layla Dent RR A 16:10, Rui Bluett-Jones AO A 19:23.

The full results are here, Winsplits are here and the maps and photos are on Facebook.

The top competitors after the age/gender factors were applied were:

  • 125 David Stocks BS A
  • 124 Ann Ingwersen PO A
  • 123 Martin Dent RR A
  • 122 Elye Dent RR A
  • 121 Shannon Jones AO A

The top five best four aggregated scores, after seven events, are:

  1. Elin Erne PO A 496
  2. Shannon Jones AO A 493
  3. Ella Cuthbert PO A 490
  4. Martin Dent RR A 488
  5. Ryan Stocks BS A 487

The current standings are here.

Event eight will be at Aranda Snowgums on Wednesday 11 December.