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Kathie Dent Scores Her First 125-pointer

The Runners Shop Twilight Series event # 6 was on a new map, Barrenjoey, (Yarramundi Reach) and the terrain and relatively sparse vegetation was expected to favour the high-profile speedsters, but Kathie Dent trumped everybody in clocking the fastest km rate, on corrected time.  The complex training version of the map may have slowed some competitors, but that does detract from her significant achievement.

The top three competitors (men and women) on each course, before times were corrected for age and gender were:

  • Moderate 1: 5.9 km: 20 C: MEN: Ryan Stocks BS A 22:24, Martin Dent RR A 23.45, Tristan Miller BS A 26:54; WOMEN: Kathie Dent RR A 27:11, Shannon Jones AO A 27:27, Ella Cuthbert PO A 29:54.
  • Moderate 2: 3.3 km: 16 C: MEN: John Shelton Agar AO A 21:06, Andrew Hobson BS A 24:38, Jacob Miller BS A 24:39; WOMEN: Sheryn Ringland 24:35, Chloe Miller BS A 24:57, Valerie Barker BS A 29:53.
  • Easy: 2.6 km: 13 C: MEN: Charlie Field PO A 20:23, Ryan Wilson BS A 31:56, Jasper Campbell GJ A 39:32; WOMEN: Amber Walter RR A 22:43, Katherine Lescinsky BS A 25:21, Penny King BS A 25:21.
  • Very Easy: 1.8 km: 11 C: MEN: Zaf Bluett-Jones AO A 16:19, Roy Shepherd RR A 17:59, Mica Walter RR A 18:13; WOMEN: Banjo Bluett-Jones AO A 20:06, Rui Bluett-Jones AO A 20:23, Tessa Radajewski PO A 20:42.

The full results are here, Winsplits are here and the maps and photos are on Facebook.

The top competitors after the age/gender factors were applied were:

  • 125 Kathie Dent RR A
  • 124: Shannon Jones AO A
  • 123: Ella Cuthbert PO A
  • 122: Ryan Stocks BS A
  • 121 Eoin Rothery RR A

The top five best four aggregated scores, after six events, are:

  1. Elin Erne PO A 496
  2. Shannon Jones AO A 493
  3. Ella Cuthbert PO A 490
  4. Ryan Stocks BS A 487
  5. Martin Dent RR A 481

The current standings are here.

Event seven will be at Campbell Parklands on Wednesday 4 December