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Ballinafad Training Day – This Saturday

Coach in residence Fryderyk is hosting a training day at Ballinafad Creek this Saturday 30 November.
All members keen to improve their skills at the moderate or hard level are welcome to attend.

Please enter your name in the doodle list by 8pm Wednesday to ensure there are enough maps.

This week’s complete training program:

  • Tuesday: Sprint interval training University of Canberra, meeting at CISAC car park at 5:30pm. Enter your name here.
  • Wednesday: Special training maps available for Moderate 1 course at Yarramundi Reach twilight event.
  • Saturday: Ballinafad Creek training day. Enter your name here.

More details for each session are available in the training calendar. Please remember to check it before each training so that you see any last minute changes.
The enrolment deadline is the preceding Sunday 8pm (for events happening Mon pm to Thursday am) and Wednesday 8pm (for events happening the rest of the times), unless otherwise stated in the calendar.