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Rename of course difficulties

The names that OACT users to describe the course difficulties are changing from the start of the 2019 twilight season (23 Oct 2019). The difficulty of the courses are not changing, just the names used to describe them.

Very Easy (was Blue) – very easy navigation and usually around 1.5km
Easy (was Green) – easy navigation and usually around 3km
Moderate (was Orange) – moderate navigation. There are usually multiple moderate courses ranging from 3km to 6km
Hard (was Red) – hard navigation. Courses could range from 3km to 15km

For a more thorough explanation of the difficulties see:

The renaming was to:

  • make it easier for newcomers to the sport (no need to explain what colours mean)
  • bring OACT in line with other states (and Orienteering Australia rules)
  • same difficulty names as used in competitions