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New Permanent Course Opens in Goulburn

Last week the final set-up of the new permanent orienteering course in Victoria Park, Goulburn was completed.

Earlier this year, OACT received a grant from NSW Health to install a permanent orienteering course in Goulburn, copying the successful concept from Canberra.
The map and the courses were done by Patrick Miller, and the project was coordinated by Susanne Harrysson.

If you are in Goulburn, or just driving past, why not try one of the new courses. They can be downloaded free of charge from the permanent course page.

If you are keen to try a permanent course here in Canberra, you can also download courses for John Knight Memorial Park, Tidbinbilla, Haig Park, Eddison Park, Fadden Pines, and Weston Park, or try the virtual course at Lotus Bay. All are available on the permanent course page. Why not bring family and friends along, and make it a weekend activity.