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Junior league scores after Round 12

Updated Junior League scores after round 12 can be found here.

Leading scores have tightened up in some classes.  Naomi Penton and Elizabeth Denney are tied for the lead in W10 with Rose Biboudis and Adelaide Fountain just a few points behind.  Five points separate the top three in M18 with Tenzing Johnson and Tristan Miller trailing Brendon Wilson by just four and five points respectively.  Elye Dent’s strong result on the Orange 2 course has given him a lead of six over Joshua Mansell with Charlie Field looking comfortable in third.  Mika Moor made the most of Aoife Rothery’s absence to earn a five point lead in the W12 class and Emily Hinchliffe has a slight advantage over Layla Goshti for third. 

Results are less tight in other classes.  In the W14 class, Ingrid Shelton Agar has a good lead over Lauren Charles with Chloe Miller in third.  Ellen Johnson has locked up first in the W16, with Katherine Hinchcliffe, Justin Hobson and Natalie Miller close for the last couple of places.  Ella Cuthbert, the course setter for Round 12, has a good lead over Caitlan Young with a gap back to Ivy Prosser.  Hayden Dent has a big lead in the M12s while Samuel Strange has put a gap on Ben Mansell for second.   Alex Derlacki is comfortably in front in the M14 class but Owen Radajewski has closed the gap on Connor Lineen.  David Stocks extended his lead in the M16 over Toby Lang with Zach Noyes and Joseph Wilson tied for third.  Ryan Stocks has locked in a perfect score of 300 in the M20 class with no other competitors able to complete the minimum six events.