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Every Class Counts in the Bennelong Trophy

All classes count in the Bennelong Trophy, for which the second leg, the 2019 ACT Long Distance Championships will be held at Slap Up Creek on Sunday 1 September.  The Bennelong Trophy is contested annually between NSW and the ACT, based on each State’s Long Distance championships.  The ACT is the defending trophy-holder. The progressive points after the NSW Long Distance Championships in May are NSW 28.5 v ACT 11.5, so the ACT needs many good results in its Long Distance Championships to retain the Trophy.

Points are calculated as follows:

  • the winner of each A class receives a point, and
  • the winner of each AS or B class receives half a point. 

The annual winner is usually the State which has the best spread across the classes.  Competitors in the AS and B classes can have an impact on the final scores.  So, even if you don’t feel up to tackling the harder classes, consider entering an AS or B class as you might win and contribute to the ACT’s defence of the Trophy.  Enter the Championships here by 11.59 pm on Sunday 25 August 2019.  This event is also the final ACT League event for 2019.

The Kaarst Cup
The inaugural Kaarst Cup will be conducted on the 2019 ACT Middle Distance Championships at Wee Jasper on Saturday 31 August.  It will be based on the results of the Hard courses.  Competitors kilometre rates will be ‘corrected’ for the age and gender rules applied to the ACT League.  Unlike the ACT League, which is limited to members of Orienteering ACT, the Kaarst Cup will be open to all competitors who complete a Hard course.  Enter the Championships here by 11.59 pm on Sunday 25 August 2019.