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David Stocks was the Best at Awoonga

David Stocks achieved his second max-points score in the 2019 ACT League with an excellent run in ACTL #9 at Awoonga on Sunday.  He was fastest on the 4.5 km Red 3 course with a time of 29 min 39 sec, which when his km rate was adjusted for his age and gender, was the fastest on the day.

The fastest, without correction for age and gender, of each gender on each course were:

  • Red 1: 11.4 km: Matt Crane 68 min 22 sec.
  • Red 2: 8.1 km: Paul de Jongh 50 min 58 sec; Grace Crane 62 min 10 sec.
  • Red 3: 4.5 km: David Stocks 29 min 39 sec; Ella Cuthbert 44 min 22 sec.
  • Red 4: 3.1 km: Stephen Still 30 min 53 sec; Justine Hobson 31 min 51 sec.
  • Orange 1: 4.1 km: Craig George 52 min 26 sec.
  • Orange 2: 2.8 km: Elye Dent 29 min 56 sec; Susan Hallissy 72 min 56 sec.
  • Green: 2.0 km: Hayden Dent 17 min 16 sec.
  • Blue: 1.4 km: Ewan Gregson 24 min 56 sec; Layla Dent 32 min sec.

The results for ACT League #9 at Awoonga are here and the Winsplits are here.

The top five best scores on the day were:

  • 125 points: David Stocks (BS A)
  • 124: Matthew Crane (AO A)
  • 123: Toby Lang (BS A)
  • 122: Martin Dent (RR A)
  • 121: Grace Crane (AO A)

The top six best five scores from nine events are:

  • 664 points: Ella Cuthbert (PO A)
  • 654: Matthew Crane (AO A)
  • 653: Ana Herceg (PO A)
  • 650: Martin Dent (RR A)
  • 646: David Stocks (BS A)
  • 642: Grace Crane (AO A)

The current standings are here

With the two remaining ACT League events (the ACT Middle Distance Championships and the ACT Long Distance Championships), over the weekend of 31 August- 1 September, having 10 per cent bonus points (max points 138) and the best six events to count, there could many changes in the order of the top six by the end of the competition. 

The ACT Long Distance Championships are also the second and final leg of the Bennelong Cup competition, between the ACT and NSW which is based on the respective Long Distance Championships.  The ACT is the current holder of the cup and well-placed to retain the trophy based on the scores after the NSW Long Distance Championships in May when the points were NSW 28.5 and ACT 11.5.  The competition strongly favours the home team.

So, everybody needs to remember to enter both events on Eventor before entries close on Sunday 25 August.