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Wandering Isaacs on Wednesday

The cold and cloudy weather didn’t deter a larger than normal number of people turning up for the Wednesday lunch time event on 10 July. Was it the school holidays, the opportunity to tackle the Isaacs map from a new angle or just the opportunity to run on the Bob Allison constructed “Scowntown North” map?
Most importantly, the course setter sincerely apologises to those Orange 2 competitors that were affected by the misplaced control flag for control #6 (number 48).
Having visited and taped all the sites a few weeks ago with the “controller”, hanging the flags should have been a piece of cake. For a whole list of reasons including blaming the kangaroos for eating the tape (well the kangaroos did remove several other tapes!), the flag was hung about 150m further south. At least it was on the correct fence line!!
As one wag (not on the affected course) commented – “there goes a reputation built over 40 years shattered in a low key event in a few hours”.
For those people who didn’t get the result they wanted eg DNF or MP, the lesson is that you need to visit all the controls on your course – even on a Wednesday, you should check your control descriptions.

Photos and maps are here and the results are here.

Thanks for participating
The chastened course setter