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Details of Today’s Street-O Event

Due to an IT bug the normal event information page is temporarily unavailable, the details of today’s event are below.

ACT Street Series, Watson, 1/07/19

Western car park of the Canberra Technology Centre, Phillip Ave, Watson.

Course A: visit any 18 out of 20 controls. Course B: visit any 15 out of 20 controls. Course C: visit any 12 out of 20 controls. Couse D: visit any 8 out of 20 controls. Power walker: visit as many controls as possible in 60 minutes. Distance of courses ranges from about 3km up to 8km. 

There will be a lunchtime day event at 12.30 in addition to the usual 6.15pm night event:
Event 1: Lunchtime: Registration 12.15pm; mass start 12.30pm; finish by 1.30pm
Event 2: Night: Registration 5.45pm; mass start 6.15pm; finish by 7.15pm. 

Everyone is welcome. Just turn up – no need to book ahead or notify anyone beforehand.

$5 adult, $2 child, maximum $10 a family. Can participate individually or in small friendship or family groups (teams).

Head lamp or torch and watch required.