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Blue Sparks & Map Mates Coordinator Sought

OACT is calling for volunteers to coordinate the Blue Sparks Program including to manage and deliver the 2019 Twilight Series Map Mates Program. 

Map Mates is the entry point for young orienteers into the Development Pathway.
The program has been held for approximately 10 years and is a real success story for introducing beginners to orienteering. It is a four week action packed adventure series for children aged 7 to 13. The series is held twice a year, in May (Saturday mornings) and October/November (Wednesday evenings) in conjunction with the Metro Series and the Twilight Series. Teams of 2 – 4 children navigate around an easy safe orienteering course. Parents are welcome to take part. A free welcome event is held the week before where prospective Map Mates can meet each other and learn how to read a map and enjoy an orienteering course. 
Further details on the Map Mates program are available here.

An option that has been used successfully for past years to manage these programs is for a small group of volunteers to be involved, such as a couple of families to share the load.
If you are interested please send your nomination(s) to the OACT Office, by Monday 29th July. 
If you would like more detail on what is involved please contact the Office and we can put you in contact with members who have previously been involved in managing the program.