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Major sponsor announcement – CGS

Canberra Grammar School (CGS) is delighted to become a major sponsor-in-kind of the Oceania 2019 orienteering carnival, and we are pleased to provide support through the expertise of our CGS Code Cadets.

CGS is proud to have been involved in a range of orienteering events under the auspices of Orienteering ACT over many years, and we are honoured to count several long-time orienteering families as an integral part of our co-curricular community at both the primary and secondary school level.

We are proud to support the Oceania 2019 orienteering event through our Code Cadets programme, led by the CGS Head of Digital Innovation, Matthew Purcell. This year our Code Cadets constructed an outstanding digital innovation – a high-tech large LED screen – that has been utilised across a range of School activities, and will now be used at the orienteering carnival to bring live footage and video packages to the orienteering community – at the carnival, at home and abroad.

In a world shaped by globalisation, environmental change and technological advancement, our students will live and study and work in Australia and abroad in ways that we can scarcely imagine. They will collaborate with colleagues across cultures and disciplines to solve problems using tools that we have yet to invent. To flourish, they must have the critical capacity to analyse complex information, the adaptive creativity to find solutions, and the integrity to serve others. To me, those statements typify Canberra Grammar School, and I am delighted to know that they equally characterise orienteering and that our students will be able to work with a professional organisation to build those skills; to be ready for the world.

With the best of luck to all involved, sincerely,

Dr Justin Garrick
Head of Canberra Grammar School