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Junior league – Round 5

Results after round 5 at the Aranda Snowgums are here.

170 juniors have entered an event so far in 2019.  There are 30 competitors who have scored points at all five events and so are half way to completing the maximum of ten events counted for the final scores.

The competition is tightest in the W14 class with Ingrid Shelton Agar having doubled her lead over Caitlyn Maniti to 4 points while Ariadna Ishakova has a 5 point advantage from Elizabeth Denney in W10.  Tara Melhuish, Ella Cuthbert, Ellen Johnson and  Aoife Rothery all have comfortable leads in the W20, W18, W16 and W12 classes.

The tightest battle in the male classes is between Elye Dent and Joshua Mantini in the M12, with Joshua reducing Elye’s lead from 14 to 6 points after today’s run.  David Stocks also closed the gap on Zach Noyes in the M16’s with Joseph Wilson close behind.  Alex Derlacki stretched his lead over Own Radajewski by by an extra point in the M14s.  Ryan Stocks and Tenzing Johnson managed to extend their comfortable leads in the M20 and M18 classes.