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Canberra Cockatoos Arduous Nine Days in WA

The Canberra Cockatoos, like all the visiting National League teams, will face an arduous six races in nine days in Western Australia over Easter and the following weekend. Their program for those nine days is:

  • Friday 19 April: University of WA. Perth. Sprint Distance Mixed Relay (teams of two men, two women)
  • Saturday 20 April: Scotch College Perth. Sprint Distance (time trial). #
  • Sunday 21 April: Beverley (2 hours from Perth). Long Distance (time trial). #
  • Monday 22 April: Beverley (2 hours from Perth). Middle Distance (time trial). #
  • Friday 26 April: Narrogin (2.5 hours from Perth) Sprint Distance (time trial)
  • Saturday 27 April: Narrogin (2.5 hours from Perth) Middle Distance (time trial)

# These three races make up the Australian 3-Days.

Apart from the travel to and from the events, the competitors who are participating in all six events will have to kill time in Perth for three days or make two trips to and from Perth. All very time-consuming and costly for amateur sports people. Fortunately, some of the Cockatoos costs are offset by a National League grant from the ACT Government.

The Cockatoos teams for the first event (in running order), the Sprint Distance Mixed Relays, are:

Senior Elite

  • 1 Grace Crane
  • 2 Andrew Barnett
  • 3 Matt Doyle
  • 4 Belinda Lawford

Junior Elite # 1

  • 1 Zoe Melhuish
  • 2 Noah Poland
  • 3 Patrick Miller
  • 4 Tara Melhuish

Junior Elite # 2

  • 1 Ella Cuthbert
  • 2 Tristan Miller
  • 3 Ryan Stocks
  • 4 Caitlin Young

Jarrah Day is the second leg runner in a composite team with the NSW Stingers.

The defending team titleholders Senior Men and Junior Women won both their first and second races and are at the top of the tables; the other teams the Senior Women and Junior Men are second on both tables. The compete tables after the first two races are here.

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