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Back to Badja: 30th Anniversary

Just over 30 years after Badja was first used for an orienteering event, Jon Glanville and his fellow Parawanga club members staged an event worthy of being the Back to Badja: Anniversary event. The first use was the 1989 Australian 3-Days with Day 1 being on Saturday 25 March on the north-east portion of the original Big Badja map; see the full map (450 mm wide by 600 mm wide) on Facebook. The scanned map was issued to competitors for an EOD ACT League event on Sunday 21 March 1993 and was a bit of a handful.

The first 10 images on Facebook related the 1989 AUS Days. The concept of the three days at Badja was a the brain child of a bunch of enthusiastic Red Roos, spearheaded by an ambitious Trevor Hughes who was the mapping coordinator. Bob Allison was the controller, Andy Calder was the overall Organiser, and Marjorie and Ross Gilby formed the Event Secretariat. The overall results are the third photo on Facebook.

2019 ACT League

Turning now Sunday’s event, which was ACT League event # 3, just over 100 competitors made the journey from Canberra to Badja, plus a few inter-state visitors. The five Hard (Red) and two Moderate (Orange) courses presented competitors with some challenging legs, but fortunately most meet the challenge. The five competitors on corrected time (based on age and gender) were:

From left: Matt Crane, Andrew Barnett, and Eoin Rothery
  • Matt Crane 125 points
  • Andrew Barnett 124
  • Eoin Rothery 123
  • Grace Crane122
  • David Stocks 121

After the three events, the top five competitors (based on their best two scores) are

  • Toni Brown 254
  • Eoin Rothery 252
  • Judy Allison 250
  • Fredo Tranchand 249
  • Matt Crane; David Stocks 247
From left: Toni Brown, Eoin Rothery and Judy Allison

The results are here, the Winsplits are here, the maps and photos are here and the standings are here

Future Events

The next Classic event will be the ACT Teams event on Sunday 12 May. It will not be an ACT League event.

The following weekend will be a double-header based around Cowra. The events will be the:

  • Saturday: 18 May: NSW Middle Distance Championships (incl NOL #9, ACTL #4)
  • Sunday: 19 May: NSW Long Distance Championships (incl NOL #10 [Ultralong], ACTL #5, and first leg of Bennelong Cup which the ACT is defending)

Entries close on 3 May. The information flyer is here and the link to enter both events is here.