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Pre-enter for Parawanga Pent-O

Some 30 years ago, the Parawanga Pent-O was a regular annual event on the ACT orienteering calendar. It featured five very short courses, set by young juniors as a introduction to course planning.

After a long break, the event is back on this Sunday 24 March at Haig Park, Turner.

It will be the first event to use the new, very detailed map prepared by Tate Needham, which has every tree marked and classified, providing the opportunity for very fine navigation.

The courses range in length from about 1 to 1.5 km and consist of a normal cross-country course, a score course, a line course, a map memory course and a window course. The respective course planners are Tommi Haipola, Owen Radajewski, Makhaya Hogg, Luca Hogg and Ingrid Shelton Agar.

Please assist the organisers by pre-entering here.
It doesn’t matter if you pre-enter then cancel. If you do not pre-enter you can still enter on the day.
Payment will be on the day, normal entry fees apply.

See the event information flyer for more details.