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Honeysuckle Training Day – This Sunday

After a very successful session last Saturday at Rendezvous Creek (pictured above), coaching scholars Saara and Fredo are hosting another Namadgi training day at Honeysuckle Creek this Sunday, 24 February. All members keen to improve their skills at the orange or red level are welcome to attend.

Meeting point is the Honeysuckle Creek Campground at 10am.

Please enter your name in the doodle list before Thursday to be sure we have enough maps.

This week’s complete training program:

  • Tuesday: Intervals. Meeting RTG (ready to go) from Campbell HS at 6.00pm. Starting with warm-up and running technique.
  • Wednesday: Training maps available for orange 1 and orange 2 courses at Aranda Bushlands twilight event.
  • Thursday: Strength training including running technique, jumps, stairs and core. From Campbell HS at 6.00pm (RTG). 15min ultimate frisbee as warm-up (or jogging if you prefer).
  • Sunday: Orienteering training in Honeysuckle Creek.
    Long orienteering training, but also possibility to shortcut. Meeting point here at 10 am.

Miss out on last week’s sessions? You can view the training maps here: