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Glenbrook Training Day – This Saturday

After a another successful (albeit very green) session at Honeysuckle Creek last Sunday, coaching scholars Saara and Fredo are hosting another training day at Glenbrook this Saturday, 2 March. All members keen to improve their skills at the orange or red level are welcome to attend. The terrain will be especially relevant to anyone planning to compete at Easter 2019 in Western Australia.

Please enter your name in the doodle list before Thursday to ensure we have enough maps.

This week’s complete training program:

  • Tuesday: High intensity uphill/Intervals. Meeting RTG (ready to go) from Campbell HS at 6.00pm. Starting with warm-up and running technique.
  • Wednesday: Training maps available for orange 1 course at Black Mountain Peninsula twilight event.
  • Thursday: Strength training including running technique, jumps, stairs and core. From Campbell HS at 6.00pm (RTG).
  • Saturday: Orienteering training at Glenbrook. Focus on the Easter-carnival in WA.
    Enter your name on Doodle here.
    Parking here.
    Program: 10:30 Relay-training full speed, no mistake + Afternoon WA-focus: “Ze Golf course” from long-range driver to accurate putter (Simplification, navigate and find controls efficiently).

Miss out on last weekend’s session? You can view the map here.

You can view the complete training program here.

“Coach or be coached” sessions open to all members will be held on Wednesday 13 March and Wednesday 20 March. The sessions are for anyone wanting to be coached AND any members who are keen to learn how to coach others; contact the office for details.