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Fredo Takes the Honours on Black Mountain

Fredo Tranchand was not only the fastest competitor on the Orange 1 course, but he also had the fastest kilometre rate, after times were corrected for age and gender in event #10 of the 2018-19 Runners Shop Twilight Series on the western slopes of Black Mountain on Wednesday. All of the 100 or so participants found the 36C degrees oppressive and needed plenty of replenishing fluids after they finished. The top five on corrected time on the day were:

  • Fredo Tranchand 125 points
  • Toni Brown 124
  • Tomas Krajca 123
  • Grace Crane 122
  • Caitlin Young 121

Although he was the course planner and thus did not compete, Martin Dent, is still the leader of series overall, with the best six scores from 10 events. The current top five (top three pictured below) are:

  • Martin Dent 743 points
  • Toni Brown 739
  • David Stocks 739
  • Ella Cuthbert 728
  • Zoe Melhuish 726

There are five more events in this series and the best eight scores from the 15 events will count, Tranchand is the only competitor who could challenge the top three. He has 494 points from the four events he has undertaken and if he were to win the remaining five events, he could lift his score to 998 points, whereas the best the top three could score would be: Dent 1,000, Stocks 998 and Brown 997. However, much could happen before the final event has been run and won.

The results are here, the Winsplits are here and the standings are here.

Wednesday’s event will be at Mt Majura West.