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Parawanga celebrates 2018

A huge contingent of Parawangans challenged themselves to the permanent courses at Weston Park before relaxing over an end-of-year picnic and awards presentation on Sunday 2nd December.  Santa Jill brought a sack of random draw prizes for permanent course completers.

Along with regulars the Ingwersens, Erbachers, Walkers, Garrs, Guinnesses, Monaghans, Pywells, Hoggs, Liz and Bruce, Liz, Ian and Nikolaus, Nick and Zoe, Geoff, Bryant, Pat, and Colleen, numbers were swelled by newer members the Radajewski family.  Not to mention Bolt the border collie, the best cricket fielder on the day, who cunningly knew to watch the batsman, not the bowler, to track and chase down the ball.

After arriving fashionably late, President Bryant reviewed the club’s 2018 achievements before introducing award presenters.

Statistician Darryl determined that Luca Hogg and Jack Laing could not be separated on the improvement scale, both achieving 100% improvement!  Joint winners there.

Mike Cassells Award winner Bryant was a clear winner for the Blue Man Award for Services to the Club, having not only guided the club through five busy years, but also frequently stepped in to set or organise, as well as making a substantial contribution to OACT’s mapping program.

However, Hasten Slowly Snail Award hopefuls were disappointed, because performances in the bush were apparently all so consistent that Nathan couldn’t pick a worthy successor.  Better luck next year!