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Surprise Leader in Runners Shop Twilight Series

Victorian Chris Norwood (Eureka club, Ballarat) is the surprise leader in the 2018-19 Runners Shop Twilight Series after three events. He leads with 250 points from his best two scores from the three events from Toni Brown 248, Martin Dent 243, Zoe Melhuish 243 and tied on 241 Wayne Gregson and David Stocks.

The top five in the first three events were:

  • Event # 1: Weston Park: Chris Norwood 125, Ella Cuthbert 124, Toni Brown 123, Zoe Melhuish 122, David Stocks 121.
  • Event # 2: The Pinnacle: Martin Dent 125, Toni Brown 124, Shannon Jones 123, Andrew Kerr 122, Zoe Melhuish 121
  • Event # 3: Campbell Park: Chris Norwood 125, Toni Brown 124, Wayne Gregson 123, Elye Dent 122, Martin Dent 121.

The current standings are here.

Next event at Mt Taylor

The next event on Wednesday will be on Mt Taylor. The course planner, Matt Crane, has prepared some interesting courses which have been planned to make the best use of the terrain, which offers some fantastic, intricate rock and vegetation detail. There are also spectacular views across southern Canberra from several control sites, as well as from the Start. Courses have been planned to avoid steep uphills and are, in fact, mainly downhill. Competitors should note that there is some stony ground and contouring along steep slopes. Too good to be true? Well, yes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!!

The course lengths details are:

  • Orange 1: 4.6 km, 16 controls
  • Orange 2: 2.8 km, 10 controls
  • Green: 2.5 km, 9 controls
  • Blue: 1.9 km 10 controls

Courses are NOT suitable for strollers.

THE START is 700 m from registration with 100 m climb, along a well graded fire trail. Allow up to 15 minutes, plus time to rest and enjoy the views. All competitors are asked to Start before 6.15 pm and to ensure they return to the Finish not much later than 7.00 pm to enable officials to gather controls before it gets to dark.