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Two Weeks Left to Enter MTBO Championships

The ACT Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships will be held on the weekend of 13-14 October and will provide competitors with excellent single track and fire road riding in two very different locations.

Saturday’s Middle distance at Kowen Forest will feature an extensive network of undulating firetrails and high quality mountain bike single tracks.

Sunday’s Long Distance at Pierce’s Creek will provide challenging route choice, with a mix of fast fire trails, and sandy and rocky single tracks.

Both events are part of the 2018 National MTBO Series, and the 2019 World Masters MTBO Series.

Course Classes Expected winning time (middle) Expected winning time (long)
Course 1 M21, M17-20, M40 55 minutes 105 minutes
Course 2 W21, W17-20, W40, M16, M50, Open 2 45 minutes 85 minutes
Course 3 W16, W50, M60, Open 3 45 minutes 85 minutes
Course 4 W14, W60, W70, M14, M70, Open 4 35 minutes 65 minutes
Course 5 W12, W80, M12, M80, Open 5 30 minutes 60 minutes

See the event information flyer for more details.

Click here to enter through Eventor. Entries close Wednesday the 10th of October.