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The Buzz – Bushflyers News August 2018

Welcome to our Members

The Australian Championships, and the Australian Schools Championships are now only a little over four weeks away; the events program runs from Saturday 29th September to Sunday 7th October. As always, a number of our Bushies members will be travelling over to Renmark and Adelaide for part or all of the Carnival. The Bushflyers flag will be flying at every event, so if you are around, please make yourself comfortable whether you are preparing for and recovering from your event, or if you are part of our loyal spectating cohort.

ASOC Representatives

Congratulations to the following Bushies students who have been selected in the ACT Schools team to participate in this year’s championships:

  • Senior Boys: Patrick Miller, Tristan Miller, Noah Poland, Ryan Stocks
  • Senior Girls: Ivy Prosser, Caitlin Young
  • Junior Boys: Toby Lang, David Stocks, Joseph Wilson
  • Junior Girls: Justine Hobson, Ellen Johnson, Natalie Miller, Zoe Terrill

It is wonderful that of the 20 ASOC team members, 13 are Bushflyers. And, by the way, all three of the Team Officials – Jane Barnett, Manager; David Poland – Coach; Tom de Jongh, Assistant Manager – are also all Bushflyers. If you are in SA, please do your best to get to the ASOC events to support our team. The ACT Schools team has a proud history of performing very well at these championships, which always make for exciting spectating. In particular, the Schools Relay has become one of the highlight ‘must-attend’ events of the whole carnival.

Why not join us on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 2nd- 4th October, for the Schools Sprint, Individual and Relay Championships, and support these very important events for our junior orienteers.

Bushies Uniforms and Children’s Shirt Library

  1. Updating our uniforms has been a rather slow process this year. However, we have received and distributed our first batch of new O-tops – they look great! I am now awaiting a second order of the O-tops and also of our new Bushflyers jackets.
  2. I have a small number of old-style and new tops at hand, if you would like to purchase them directly from me. They are as follows:
    • O-top new-style (as above) Women’s L (x 1). Cost $55
    • O-tops old style (Trimtex) – Women’s XS (x 3), Men’s XL (x 1) and Men’s XXL (x 1), and will cost you only $50. (Many of us are still currently wearing these)
    • I also have two of our ‘aprés-O’ tops (a white t-shirt style), both Women’s 12. Cost $15
    • One pair of three-quarter O-pants in Club colours, but no logo, Medium, $50
  3. Jo Hobson is taking over our Children’s O-shirt Library, which has been in abeyance for the past few months. To have this running successfully again, we need your help:

2018 – More events from Bushflyers

Since the May newsletter, we have continued to present a number of events.

  1. Ballinafad Creek, on Sunday June 24th was remarkable for the surprisingly good winter weather that we managed to enjoy. The course-setter was Ross Stewart, and the Organisers were Valerie Barker and Ari Piiroinen. I would particularly like to thank Ari, who stepped in at short notice to assist with control placement and then collection of controls in lieu of Ross who, having just returned from travelling in Europe, was also very unwell. It was a great area, and even the -5°C start to the morning did not deter the enthusiasts on the clear and sunny day.
  2. Picaree Hill, Sunday 26th August, provided a fresh look at a favourite map, in better weather conditions than we might have been expecting. Thank you to Chris Anderson and his team for his organisation, and to a former Bushflyer, Ella Cuthbert, for her courses. They certainly provided some challenges to experienced orienteers!
  3. Bushflyers have also organised a number of Saturday events:
    • 26 May – Farrer Ridge. Organiser: Michael Mitchell; Course Planner: Hannu Mannering
    • 23 June – Mt Ainslie North. Course Planner: Joseph Wilson
    • 4 August – Remembrance Park. Organiser: Toni Brown; Course Planner: David Jenkins

At every one of these events, the Course Planner and Organiser have had a strong team of Bushflyers to assist. Thank you to you all for your willingness to contribute to the successful organisation of our events.

Thank you too, to Jesse Piiroinen, who is the face behind the computer at our Saturday events and at many of our classic events as well.

For Your Calendar

  • Saturday 1st September: Final event, Saturday Metro series & ACT Schools’ Championships
  • Sunday 16th September: ACT Long Distance Championships, Sandhills
  • Saturday 29th September – Sunday 7th October: Australian National Championships and Australian Schools Championships, South Australia
  • Sunday 25th November: OACT Annual Awards Dinner, Southern Cross Yacht Club

We shall be having an informal Swarm as well at Renmark, during the Aus. Champs carnival and probably on the first Saturday evening (29th). If you are in SA we hope that you can join us. We’ll let you know the details closer to the event.

OACT Contacts and Club Representatives.

The next Council meeting is this Thursday 30th August, at Wesley Uniting Church at 8pm. While we are well represented at the level of Board and Council, we remind you that all of you are invited to Council meetings. Please feel free to contact either Matt or Susanne if you have any ideas or thoughts you would like taken to these forums.

A reminder

Bushflyers has a Facebook page. “Like” our page and keep up to date with what’s happening in our club.

Valerie Barker (Club Convenor)

6251 5459/0410 151 554

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