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How do I keep up with the kids?

Many beginner adult orienteers, as well as parents who accompany their children to events each week, are in awe of what our numerous junior orienteers achieve both in local events as well as representing the ACT and Australia! The achievements and the high participation rate of juniors in the ACT comes as no surprise to those in the know and can be attributed to the numerous junior programs including SC-ORE, FOG, Map Mates, Blue Sparks and Blue Lightning, just to name a few!

When I reflect on my own introduction to orienteering or speak to parents of junior orienteers and others who came to the sport as adults, it is apparent that there are less adult programs. In particular there is no beginner/introductory program for adults. So with many adults left wondering, ‘how do I keep up with the kids?’ in August, Orienteering ACT will run its new beginner adult program, aptly named ‘Keep Up with the Kids’.

The Keep Up program will run for five consecutive weeks in conjunction with the ACT Metro Series, beginning on Saturday 4 August. The program will go through core orienteering skills and introduce more advanced techniques to enable adults to advance from easy to moderate courses. Hence the program is suited to those who have never orienteered before, to those who wish to become more confident and learn more skills. Registration for the Keep Up program is open now on Eventor. For those that are new to Eventor a ‘how to register guide‘ is attached to the registration page. More information on the program can be found on the Keep Up with the Kids page on Orienteering ACT’s website.