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Peter’s Puzzle Explained

Regular Wednesday lunch-time orienteers would be well aware what to expect when Peter Antcliff is the course planner as he seldom offers simple cross-country courses. His courses normally require to solve a puzzle as well as navigating their way around the course of their choice. On Wednesday 20 June his offering was called ‘Pick Up Sticks’.

After registering the process was:

  • Competitors were given their controls descriptions; see image on right.
  • Competitors were then asked to read the instructions, here.
  • When they were ready, competitors picked up their map and started with no time to study the options, which were to complete five, six, seven or eight sequences.
  • The results and sequences undertaken by competitors are here.

For most of Peter’s puzzles competitors usually take a way into their courses to work out the best solution. This was the case on Wednesday, as most competitors took a sequence or two to settle on which ones they would take to complete their course.  Most of those who mispunched on Wednesday did not follow the instructions.