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WOD at Wonderful Wanniassa Hills

Thirty eight people hit the Mid Week event at Wanniassa Hills using the “Scowntown” map, with the first competitor arriving before 1130, which is exceptional for this person! Fortunately, preparations were complete and he was away well before noon.

The organisers understand that passport control along the Canberra north-south border had a busy day. This was caused by the unprecedented exodus of northeners escaping the fog which had cleared by 11:15 at the event centre in upper Macarthur.

Apparently, Schengen arrangements were in place so the northeners could easily cross the Lake divide and return home uninterrupted after competing, since it was inside the 6 hour “away from home” limit.

Comments on the courses generally seemed positive such as “1km came up and I hadn’t even reached the 1st control!”, “the views were spectacular” and “we’ll have to come back”. These were partially offset by complaints from Orange 2 competitors who had to persevere going up hill as Orange 1 competitors sped down.

There were some very fast finishers and some happy campers.  Maps and more photos here. Results here