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ACT League # 3 Planned to Provide Fast Navigation

After experiencing some physically demanding venues for ACT League events # 1 and # 2 and the Australian 3-Days in Tasmania during Easter, ACT orienteers should relish the fast courses set by course planner Tomas Krajca for ACT League # 3 at Orroral Tracking Station.

Hard Courses.  All of the Hard courses are in three segments: a series of controls through the fast, open areas, a series of controls in the complex granite and undergrowth, and a further series of controls in the fast, open to the Finish. Some competitors may consider the legs in open as too easy, but to be competitive they will need to maintain their speed and accuracy throughout their course, and in the bush to pick the correct route through the undergrowth.

Terrain. Since the area was mapped in 2009 some areas of short bushes have expanded in the marshy areas in the open and may impede direct line running, otherwise the terrain is ideal for fast-running. The main features in the open are gullies and spurs, and boulders. Not all boulders, especially those below 1 metre in height have been mapped or are shown as rocky ground. In the bush, the undergrowth is still about the same as mapped and competitors should be able to pick their way through the white on the map. Some photos from an event in 2013 (when the area was much greener) are here.

Start: The Start is on a fence and competitors will be directed to the best side of the fence to suit their course so that they don’t have to cross the fence. Most courses have been planned to give competitors the option of going through gaps in the fences.

Starts: The event is a selection event for the Schools team and all competitors seeking selection will be permitted to start first. Other competitors will not be permitted to Start until around 10.15 am.

Apology. I took on the role of being the controller for this event rather late in the process and as a consequence of illness and injuries I was not able to devote as much time to the event as I would have liked. As a consequence, I failed to pick up until it was too late that we did not have the dimensions for boulders and some other features. We are hoping to have the extra information available at the event. For most of the boulders they are obvious and there should be no confusion.

Apres Orienteering. If you have the time after your run take the time to wander through the sites of the buildings that made up the Orroral Tracking Station.