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The Buzz – Bushflyers News March 2018 

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our February Swarm at Black Mountain Peninsula on 7th March. We were fortunate to have a warm evening to relax, enjoy each other’s company and especially to present important Bushflyers annual awards.

1. There were a number of 2017 Orienteering Merit Badges presented:

Toby Lang                        M14          Gold

Joseph Wilson                 M14          Silver

Bryn Piiroinen                M14          Bronze

Ben Hobson                     M16          Silver

Patrick Miller                  M20          Gold

Tristan Miller                  M20          Gold

Noah Poland                    M20          Gold

Jesse Piiroinen                M20          Silver

Ryan Stocks                     M20          Silver

Paul de Jongh             M21          Silver

Paul Cuthbert                  M45          Silver

Andrew Hobson             M45          Silver

Greg Wilson                     M45          Silver

Chris Andersen               M50         Gold

Michael D’Ascenzo        M55          Bronze

David Jenkins                  M60          Silver

Michael Mitchell             M65         Silver

Geoffrey Dabb                 M75          Silver

Justine Hobson               W14         Gold

Natalie Miller                  W14         Gold

Ella Cuthbert                  W16          Gold

Caitlin Young                  W16         Gold

Zoe Cuthbert                  W16         Bronze

Clare Lonergan              W35         Silver

Jo Hobson                        W45         Silver

Alison Inglis                    W50         Gold

Jane Barnett                    W55         Silver

(A name in green means that this badge is yet to be collected).

2.  The Bushflyers Blue Bottle Award went to Ross Stewart, to acknowledge the enormous amount of work he has done on behalf of the club as a controller and course setter over at least the past 15 years.

The Fly Swat Award went to Paul de Jongh – his tale of woe was perhaps more heroic than most. At the Glenloch Interchange event last August, he fell on his way to the first control, breaking his arm. So determined was he to not just complete but also to win his course, he just continued…and did win! Moreover, he was out with his Radford squad coaching only a couple of days later.

3.  The Ian Booth Award for the Most Improved Bushflyer at Masters Level (based on ACT League Events) went to Anita Scherrer.  This was very closely contested. Right behind Anita were Ari Piiroinen and Matt Stocks.

Congratulations to all of these award recipients.

Bushies Uniforms – New Order Details Here!

Our new O-top design and supplier has now been finalised. Your orders are needed. Please email your order (sizes(s) and quantities) to Valerie Barker ( ) by THURSDAY 29th MARCH. (Yes – by Easter!). This should mean that we have our new O-tops by mid to late April, certainly before the OACT Saturday Metro Series starts. I will order a few extra, in case of sizing problems, but in general, it is not easy to exchange tops.

Cost: $65 – or possibly less, depending on the quantity ordered. Arrangement for payments for tops will follow.

Sizing – this is always the tricky part, unfortunately. You might like to go to the Siven (Bryzoz) website , especially if you have never had a Siven (or Trimtex) shirt before. If you have a Trimtex shirt, the sizing will be similar. In general, you are recommended to err on the side of ordering a size larger than you might usually choose.

As a rough guide (for women), I wear Trimtex Women’s Small, I have a Siven XS, my usual clothing size is 8 (-10) and I’m 160cm tall. 

Welcome New Members…and all renewed members

It is my pleasure to welcome our new members to the club. At this stage of the year we are updating members’ details. Please check that we have the correct contacts for you.

This email is coming to you through last year’s email list as well as the current membership list. This will have errors, of course. While I am doing my best to include all new members, it is important that you ensure that we have the correct details for everyone. Would you please let Valerie know if there are errors, discrepancies or omissions.

2018 Membership Renewal – Be in the running to win a free new Bushies top!

Thank you for your continued support of our club. We do hope that you’ll continue to be a part of the Bushies family in 2018. It is now time to renew your membership for this year, if you haven’t done so already. The easiest way to do this is via Eventor. If you need assistance, please contact the OACT office

2018 – Collector Hill Season Opener.

Congratulations to the Bushflyers team who put on the first classic event for 2018 – AL#1 (in conjunction with NSW SL#1), at Collector Hill on Saturday 17th March. In particular, I’d like to thank our Junior course-setter, Patrick Miller, the Controller Ross Stewart, and all of those who helped on the day, particularly Peter Miller (who did a huge amount of the organisation over the preceding months). We had a great turnout of Bushflyers competing as well. It was a very hot day, and the terrain was challenging, so the assistance of Ari and Jesse Piiroinen, Peter Antcliffe, Chris Anderson, Michael Mitchell, Jo and Andrew Hobson, Tom de Jongh, Alison Inglis and Paul Barker made a big day run all the more smoothly. A special mention has to go to Patrick, who not only prepared the courses, put out and collected controls, but also went to assist a competitor who fell and broke her arm, necessitating an hour’s walk out to the road. Thank you, Patrick!

This is now a further call to all members for assistance with our Orienteering ACT 2018 Main Program events. Organisers, setters, controllers (for ACT League events) and on-the-day helpers all required! Matt Stocks has already sent out a request but the roster still has a number of gaps on it. Every hour that you are able to volunteer ensures a more successful and enjoyable event for everyone. If you have not already indicated your availability or you would like further information, please contact Matt Stocks Matt Stocks

If you don’t have experience in a particular role, offering your assistance is a great opportunity to learn new skills and support our sport. I challenge you to give it a go! Don’t sit on the sidelines; we’ll support you along the way. Just let us know if you need a bit of extra guidance. And don’t forget – all helpers will have the chance to run on the day!

The Easter Australian Three-Days event in Tasmania, and the following three-day Bay of Fires event at St Helen’s, is now only a little over a week away. There are a number of Bushflyers heading south to enjoy this major carnival. The events are significant selection events for several of our younger orienteers who have goals of JWOC, and World University Champs, and the weekend also offers challenging and exciting orienteering to competitors all ages. If you are competing, at whatever level, we wish you well. 

The Bushflyers banner will be flying at all events over the whole Carnival – if you are there, please join us! We shall be organising an informal Swarm during the Easter weekend. Check with Valerie at the events.

Bushflyers has a Facebook page? “Like” our page and keep up to date with what’s happening in our club. Link:

OACT Contacts and Club Representatives. We are pleased to welcome Susanne Harrysson as our second Bushflyers Council member. While we are well represented at the level of Board and Council, we remind you that all of you are invited to Council meetings. Please feel free to contact either Matt or Susanne if you have any ideas or thoughts you would like taken to the forums.

  • Board Members: David Poland (President); Peter Miller (Treasurer); Valerie Barker,

Anita Scherrer; Jo Hobson; Jane Barnett

Susanne Harrysson –  

Don’t forget – get those club O-top orders to me ASAP.

Valerie Barker (Club Convenor)

6251 5459/0410 151 554

                    For Bushflyers Orienteering – where no-one gets left on the bench!