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Street Series at Hughes

19 March 2018 – Street Series at Hughes

With only one more daylight saving event in the 2017-18 street orienteering program, course setters Michael and Rebecca Tedeschi made the most of many interesting park control sites. In doing so they also set quite a few route choice planning challenges and working out which controls to drop and which to include. Geoff Stacey was the men’s winner of the A course with 7.3 km while Shannon Jones won Women’s A in 36.53 with a distance of 7.87 km. Bruce Barnett was outstanding in the walk, punching 17 controls. Next Monday Zac Zaharias has another outstanding event planned on the popular full colour Parkes map in the Parliamentary Triangle. It is a cross between street and sprint orienteering. The assembly area is lakeside at the National Sculpture Garden and Zac has many interesting controls to make this an exciting event for families to do a walk around as well as experienced orienteers looking for a great final hit out before Easter.



John Harding