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SC-ORE Draws Top Primary School Orienteers

SC-ORE is a participation focused series, but when you bring 120+ active kids together early in the morning the completion is raw. Like previous SC-ORE’s both experience and a steady head drive success.

This season has been no different. While the students from the strong orienteering schools of Aranda, Campbell and Majura are all milling about in top positions, other schools are also showing serious form. Ngunnawal, North Ainslie and Macquarie students are getting strong runs on the board. With first place safe to call 2nd and third are still up for grabs.

Today’s event was at Fraser Primary School. The results are here, the splits are here and 81 photos are on Facebook.

The 2018 Finale takes place at Macquarie Primary School next Thursday at 8 am.