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Riders learn from the best at MTBO Training Weekend

Finnish elite mountain bike orienteer and ONSW scholar Konsta Vanhanen delivered a fantastic MTBO training weekend in Canberra! Three intense and inspiring sessions were perfectly built one on another, and were intended to develop riding skills as well as MTBO decision making and route choice strategies to a higher level. 22 eager riders attended the workshop and all thoroughly enjoyed Konsta’s systemic and energetic approach to building orienteering strategy on their own strengths. Konsta facilitated a great discussion about tuning up skills, planned perfect challenging courses, and demonstrated top skills of not slowing down even for a second when approaching controls or negotiating obstacles.

Thank you to Konsta for sharing a top experience! ACT MTBOers wish you a great and winning season. Thanks also to Marina Iskhakova for organising the weekend.

Everyone will be able to test their own MTBO skills at the first event of ACT MTBO series on Saturday, 3rd March at Majura Pines.