You are currently viewing 168 people enjoyed Karabar’s  intricate maze

168 people enjoyed Karabar’s intricate maze

The Wednesday Twilight Event at Karabar High and Queanbeyan South Primary combined the safety of a school ground with the challenge of an intricate maze. Karabar High with its twisting corridors and indoor courtyards challenged all of our map reading skills. It was made even more challenging my temporary construction barriers (marked on the map) But there was no need to be concerned as we could never get truly lost as the courses never left the school grounds! An experiment of starts from 4 pm was as popular option for about 20 people but unfortunately thwarted by some last minute school exam issues (Our apologies for this matter that was outside of our control. ) The rain held off and the 168 participants appeared to have an enjoyable evening. Many elites also found the course quite a challenge with several making not the best route choices under the time pressure of quick decisions. Slower competitors however seemed to make fewer errors.

Thank you for heeding the “Keep Left” road rules when running around corners and for reading the special sprint out of bounds symbols. results are now posted