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Junior League Final at Mt Jerra

The final junior league event on the 9 September 2017 is at Mt Jerrabomberra. This also incorporates the Secondary Schools Championships. See Event Information.

New Map

Mt Jerrabomberra is a brand new map! It is also the first map in ACT to be mapped using LiDAR data. This means that the contours are “perfect”, all the tracks are in the right place and the gullies are spot on! Also, all point features have been mapped using GPS.

There is a lot of rubbish in the bush, including car wrecks, piles of tires, old broken fences (some mapped, some not), and even an aquarium. Please be careful!

There are some high cliffs close to the assembly area which are out of bounds (only people on Orange 1 courses could approach from the top side and must obey the out of bounds). There are also some very deep erosion gullies (see photos below).


The scale is 1:5000 with 5m contour interval. Yes, this is a bush map and the scale is 1:5000. Just in case you missed it, the scale is 1:5000. The courses are middle distance (not sprint).


Parking is at “The Scar”. Parking is quite tight so please don’t waste any space when you park. If the car park is full you’ll have to park on Sassafras Cresent and walk 100m to the assembly area. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARK ON SOUTHBAR ROAD!

Start Times

The competitors in the Secondary Schools Champs have allocated start times from 9:30am until 10:30am. See Start List. Only juniors are allowed to start at this time. In addition, other juniors that don’t have allocated start times have priority to start their courses until 10:50am so that the scores for the Junior League can be calculated early. As this is also a normal Saturday Metro event, everyone is welcome to do a course. The last start is at 12:00pm. Courses close at 1:30pm.

Blind Starts

All Orange courses have blind starts (you can’t look at your map until you punch the start).

There are three orange courses on offer (as well as Green & Blue):

  • Orange 1: 4.8km
  • Orange 2: 3.1km
  • Orange 3: 2.5km


There will be an awards ceremony at about 12:00 midday for both the Junior League and the Secondary Schools Champs. We encourage all juniors to have early runs so they can be at the presentations.


There will be live commentary during the juniors’ runs. In addition there are two radio controls, one part way through the courses and one close to the finish and live results will be displayed during the event.

Map Paper

A new type of map paper is being trialled at this event. The new paper is only being used for the Secondary Schools Champs competitors, however if there is any left then they may be used for other runners. The new map paper is completely tear proof (yay!) and more water resistant than regular paper. Feedback on the new paper is mandatory (only kidding – feedback is appreciated).

Old Map

Mt Jerrabomberra was used for many orienteering events in the past, including the Australian 3 Days in 1983, but hasn’t been used for about 30 years! Feel free to have a look at the old map, but realise that quite a bit has changed… you can click to view the map bigger.

Some Photos

Click to enlarge.