Heat and Hills Take Their Toll at Campbell Parklands

Sunday, 23 December 2012

From left: Matt Crane, Shannon Jones, Anita Scherrer, Carys Connick

A hot afternoon, longer than usual courses and some steep hills at Wednesday’s event Campbell Parklands, the ninth in the 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series took their on many competitors, with some having to withdraw and did not finish. However, for most they were still able to record relative quick kilometre rates. And while the best route choice was generally obvious, a poor route choice was costly in terms of time and effort. The Orange courses were distinctly much tougher than last week’s ‘stroll’ through Weston Park and for those going to the Christmas 5-Days the event was a good final hitout.

Class winners were:
Orange 1 (5.8 km): Matt Crane (MO – 29:10), Oliver Poland (MJ – 33:43), Rob Walter (MM – 32:13), Carol Harding (WM – 56:46), Byron Vickers, Dario Mavec (Teams – 87:20)
Orange 2 (4.7 km): Jesse Piiroinen (MJ – 45:24), Ken Young (MM – 40:34), Shannon Jones (WO – 37:00) Carys Connick (WJ – 54:01) Anita Scherrer (WM – 36:05), Caroline Christenson, Minh-Tam Nguyen (Teams – 43:21).
Green (2.7 km): Brendan Wilson (MJ – 27:07), Tommy Wahlin (MM – 24:34) Kath Bell (WO – 28:51), Tahli Mullins (WJ – 40:00), Kristina Wahlin (WM – 32:13), Katherine Howard, Matthew Howard, Jeff Howard, Julia Howard (Teams – 43:33)
Blue (1.3 km) Ben Rogers (MJ – 21:15), Charlotte Komorowski (WJ – 14:41), David Teitstatter, Finn Zentelis-Wilde (Teams – 14:41)

The complete results are here, and the splits are here.

The top five placings on 'corrected' times in Event 9 were Matt Crane 125, Ann Ingwersen 124, Rob Walter 123, Trevor Jacobs 122 and Olle Poland 121 points. As nine events have been completed, progressive scores are based on the best five and this has changed the top of the ladder.  While Grace Crane did not start in event 9, she has amassed 623 points and leads Olle Poland by four, with a further point to Rob Walter.  Next best are five-times winner Trevor 607 and ACT Orienteer of the Year Matt Crane on 605 points. The progress points table after event 9 is here. The Competition Rules are here.

The 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series will resume on 16 January 2013 at Mt Ainslie North and the Street Series will resume on 11 February 2013 at Turner-O’Connor

Meanwhile the Runners Shop early bird sale is open to OACT members; see the Sale Price list here.

Merry Christmas to all readers


Sprint Distance Courses Challenge Many at Weston Park

Friday, 14 December 2012

A fine and warm afternoon greeted all runners to a substantially reduced Weston Park map for event 8 in the 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series on Wednesday evening. Thanks to Bob Allison for venturing out in the rain to create a map upon which there were some interesting challenges. 

In the future very easy courses (Blue) will probably be able to venture onto a lovely path network once the maintenance work is completed. 

Apart from the usual obstacles, runners had to dodge Christmas Parties, football games and cricket matches whilst negotiating a number of butterfly loops on both moderate (Orange) courses. These tended to confuse some very experienced orienteers, while others on the Orange 2 course expended too much energy on the long leg from 11 to 12 and were mentally challenged over the final five short legs, with numerous changes in direction. 

On the plus side, there were very few grass seeds to be removed from socks and footwear. Some competitors were also able to give their full name to the finish team within seconds of downloading, an attribute that is understood to be an essential part of “mental toughness”.

Class winners were:
Orange 1 (4.5 km): Lachlan Dow (MO – 18:57), Stephen Melhuish (MJ – 25:32), Rob Walter (MM – 19:28), Grace Crane (WO – 23:03), Carol Harding (WM – 30:40).
Orange 2 (3.2 km): Jeremy Gallier (MO – 30:52, Jesse Piiroinen (MJ – 22:16), Dane Roberts (MM – 18:42), Kath Bell (WO – 25:07) Rose O'Dea (WJ – 23:46) Liz Abbott (WM – 21:43), Matt Davis, Kristy Davis (Teams – 25:35).
Green (2.3 km): Harry Gibbs (MJ - 18:37), James Chatfield (MM – 25:32) Jenna Hall (WO – 26:29), Caitlin Young (WJ – 22:07), Monika Short (WM – 31:01), Neve Watson, Sarah Watson, Archie Watson, Kevin Watson (Teams – 29:31)
Blue (2.0 km) Ethan Laver (MJ – 20:46), Zoe Roberts (WJ – 45:31), Katherine Howard, Matthew Howard, Jeff Howard, Julia Howard (Teams – 22:23)

The complete results are here and the splits are here.

The top five placings on 'corrected' times in Event 8 were Grace Crane 125, Rob Walter 124, Lachlan Dow 123, Liz Abbott 122 and Trevor Jacobs 121 points.  Only four points covers the top four in overall standings, with Grace Crane leading on 499 from her best four scores, from Lizzie Ingham and Olle Poland equal on 498, and Rob Walter next best on 495 points.  The progress points table after event 8 is here.

Next Wednesday’s event (the last for 2012) will be at Campbell Parklands, but before then will be the eighth and last Street event for 2012 at Bruce, both Series will resume in 2013.

Three Share Lead In Twilight Series After Seven Events

Friday, 7 December 2012

Three competitors, Grace Crane, Lizzie Ingham and Olle Poland, share the lead in the 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series after event seven at Bruce Ridge on Wednesday, all equal on 498 points from a possible 500 for their best four scores, made up of two wins and two or more seconds on ‘corrected times’.  Neither Crane nor Ingham, who is now in New Zealand until February started in the event, but Poland was not able to capitalise on their absence as evergreen Rob Walter was best on the night and lurks in fourth place just five points behind the leaders.

Other competitors who have been placed in the top five over the seven events include David Shepherd, Matt Crane (3 times), Trevor Jacobs, Lachlan Dow, Shannon Jones (2), Ann Ingwersen, Chris Helliwell, Carol Harding (1).

A number of juniors are showing considerable improvement this season, including Patrick Miller (23%), Oliver Mill (Red Roos Improover for 2012) (13%), Stephen Melhuish (9%).

Class winners were:
Orange 1 (5.2 km): Lachlan Dow (MO – 27:47), Olle Poland (MJ – 28:29), Rob Walter (MM – 26:26), Mace Neve (WO – 43:15), Carol Harding (WM – 45:20), Byron Vickers, Dario Mavec (Teams: 59:44).
Orange 2 (4.2 km): Daniel Martin (MJ – 41:20), Bruce Bowen (MM – 35:01), Shannon Jones (WO – 32:44) Jessica Zhang (WJ – 77:43) Ann Ingwersen (WM – 50:29), Justine Kennedy, Dave Lander (Teams – 51:52).
Green (2.5 km): Andrew Kerr (MJ - 18:36), Carolyn Christensen (WO – 21:08), Carys Connick (WJ – 21:48), Monika Short (WM – 31:01), Xander Tuan, Simon Tuan (Teams – 21:28)
Blue (1.9 km) David Williams (MJ – 28:23), Zoe Roberts (WJ – 30:17), Finn Zentelis-Wilde, Benny Marr (Teams – 21:03)

The complete results are here, the splits are here, the progress points table after seven events is here and the competition rules are here.

Some people might notice a change in their scores from past weeks.  This occurs when either their scores or another competitor’s scores are adjusted because of a correction to their age/gender factor.  Occasionally a competitor’s gender is entered incorrectly or their YOB is not known and they are assigned the default age of 21-34.  As points are based on placings on ‘corrected’ times, competitors’ points will change when placings are adjusted as a result of a correction of age/gender factors.


Next Wednesday’s event will be at Weston Park and if you want to enjoy an après orienteering meal there are plenty of barbecues adjacent to the assembly area. Before then will be the seventh event in the 2012-13 Street Series at Isaacs.






2012 ACT Primary School Orienteering Championships

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

This years ACT Primary Schools Orienteering Championships 2012 saw continued growth in this sport, not only in number but in skill and enthusiasm.  236 children from 17 primary school across the ACT came together to test their map reading and fitness. Competitors were roughly 50/50 boys to girls.

The event drew yet another wonderful conglomerate of volunteer helpers willing to contribute to the professional and safe running of this Championship event. Helpers came from every Orienteering club. A number of parent helpers willingly offered themselves up as assistants to the organisers. Once again the volunteers cant be thanked enough!!

The largest field in the competition was the Teams event with 147 children competing with a “map mate”. Top places were taken out by Telopea Park School in first and second in the Teams 12 years followed by Lyneham Primary School. In the teams 10 years, Radford College team took first closely followed by Lyneham Primary, and Majura Primary

In the individual events, Majura Primary School’s small but strong team dominated with the Miller trifectaPatrick Boys 12 years, Tristan Boys 11 years and Natalie, Girls 9 years all achieving first places. Radford College’s strong team kept it competitive with Noah Poland, second in Boys 11 years, Andrew Kerr, first Boys 10 years and Toby Lang, third in Boys 9 years.

In the girls individual 11 years Radford’s Amy Theakston put in a strong run on this complex map, coming in second place. Not surprisingly, first place was taken out by Kaleen Primary School’s, Annabelle Mill, who has not long returned from Orienteering Nationals in Tasmania where she performed strongly for her state.

Strong competition was provided by the Canberra Grammar School with James Rogers taking second place in Boys 12 years, Edan Reynolds and Matthew Birch each taking third place in Boys 11 and 10 respectively, and Zack Noyes and Nicolas Fitzgerald in first and second respectively in the Boys 9 years.

Girls Grammar’s Zoe Melhuish ran strongly taking first place in the girls 10 competition closely followed by Talhi Mullins of Campbell Primary School and Riley Lane of Macquarie Primary.

Another outstanding competitor of the day was Lyneham Primary’s Caitin Young of girls 11 years, who moved over the map quickly and cleanly with a time well short of all of her rivals.

Champion Primary School for 2012 was Canberra Grammar School (56pts), followed closely behind by Radford College (54pts) and Majura Primary School (46pts).

Check out the full results and view the action photographs by Tate Needham.

All in all, the Championship event was a wonderful success and that was reaffirmed at the presentation for prize getters where Olympic Marathon runner Martin Dent so wonderfully congratulated each and every one of the competitors for taking up the challenge of bush orienteering. Congratulations to everyone and especially to those winners and place getters, who so proudly accepted their medal from this champion.

  Marty Dent with Girls 12 Years winners - Carys Connick, Annabelle Mill and Belle Dare

The ACT Primary Schools Orienteering Championship 2013 will be held on Wednesday 20 November 2013 at a location to be confirmed. We hope to see many of the current runners back and many more new runners as well.

2012 Blue Sparks Training Camp - 70 Bodies Bash about the Bush, Mud and Map Landscapes, Camp Champs, Icecream Delights in the Woods!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The 6th Annual ACT Blue Sparks 2012 training camp was again a resounding success. And what a fantastic weekend it was! Along with our invited guests the NSW Wildfires, 33 adults and 34 children and 5 elites all came together for serious training and lorry loads of fun. This is around a 100% increase on former years – look out……. the word is getting round.

Starting out with a training session on Saturday morning with Jock Davis (Big Foot) on the Snow Hills maps, the under 12's (and their parents) from both States learnt how to read complex mine diggings. For some this was their first time they have been shown the technical aspects of bush orienteering on a highly technical map. This exercise proved of great value to the novice parents as well, many of whom have showed a strong interest in supporting their children into the sport. Our advanced/elite orienteers, in preparation for the upcoming World Cup races, also took advantage of access to this interesting terrain for training; Australian Internationals Mace Neve and Lachlan Dow, Australian Junior International Olle Poland and NZ International Lizzie Ingham. A couple of the NSW Junior Squad members were also seen out enjoying the technical training. 


After a bush picnic set amongst scratchy scrub and flies, we ventured onto the private bush block owned by the Polands and cooled off with a dip in the pristine but chilly waterhole. Training recommenced at around 5ish with David Poland running a series of training exercises around the main site to practice map thumbing skills, how to understand map legends and IOF descriptions, and even how to draw a map where a series of unusual objects were masquerading as map symbols. Delegating many roles to the more confident older juniors Zac Needham, Patrick Miller and Matt Hill, the training sessions were conducted in a round-robin format to achieve just the right balance between depth and variety. Parents both new and old, all joined in and contributed both to leading and completing the activities.



A BBQ supper and lots of contented map chat was had into the evening. The night wrapped up with a thrilling “Spot O” headlight enhanced night of fun. Stationary and roaming controls and flashlight spotters ensured excitement in the dark and that the children were happy to crawl into their tents satisfied with the day


And to be ready for a 7am start the next day.


Sunday started with further technical training - another round robin and a fresh set of exercises as well as a mini sprint course where everyone had the chance to test a formal start format and full SI course. Very popular indeed!

The final activity for the weekend was an hour long rogaine with the Hash House strategically located at the cool wet waterhole. The course set by Noah Poland and the Miller brothers, Patrick and Tristan covered the entire 160 acres of the bush block.  The adults were as keen to get out into the field for a run as the children. With bright coloured and shaped stickers set to create a kaleidoscope of colour on the control card, all were keen to have a go!

So with careful map planning, kids and adults set out in pairs and groups to pick up as many or as few controls as they felt inclined. NSW  Matt Hill and Ian Jones showed the way picking up all the controls in the hour. Catlin Young, Noa Millman and Zac Needham put in some impressive form. At the end of the hour everyone's score was evened up with the final control, set right in the middle of the waterhole, scoring a massive 10,000 points for all those hot and dusty runners who fancied a dip.  Scores were then rounded up to the nearest 1,000 ensuring everyone came equal first

Thanks to the many volunteers who contributed to making this weekend the success that it was, to the Poland family for continuing to make bush block available to Blue Sparks as a training venue, to Jock Davis and the other NSW parent support crew (Mark Shingler, Barb Hill and Maggie Jones) for their inputs into the training session and to all the ACT youngsters who helped to lead the individual training activities over the weekend. 


For any other groups wanting a “training session”, the rogaine controls will remain in place until Christmas to be used again.

The date has already been set for next years Blue Sparks Training Camp 23/24 November 2013 - put it in your diary and don't miss out next time!



Significant Service Recognised and Rewarded

Monday, 26 November 2012

Orienteering ACT recognised the long and significant service of two outstanding volunteers, Andrew Blakers and Hugh Moore at the 2012 Annual Awards on Sunday evening. 

Andrew Blakers received the Mike Cassells Award for Services to Orienteering for his ongoing commitment for over 16 years to compiling the results of OACT two major competitions.  Andrew has been the compiler of the tables for both the ACT League and the Runners Shop Twilight Series competition.  He developed the rules for the Runners Shop Twilight Series in 1996 and adapted the rules for the ACT League in 1997.  Andrew was also the coordinator of the Runners Shop Twilight Series for over a decade, only relinquishing the task in recent years.  He was the initial driving force behind the success of the Twilight Series, has made a significant contribution to the growth of Orienteering in the ACT and he has considerably enhanced local orienteers enjoyment of their sport.

Hugh Moore received the Jim Sawkins Award for Event Management. Hugh has been an active course planner and controller for many years and in 2005 was one of the first Australian orienteers to be accredited as a NOAS Level 2 Controller.  In recent years he has been highly active as a mapper of renown, producing a number of high quality maps in company with Bob Allison, including those used for the 2007 Oceania Championships, 2009 ACT Championships, 2010 Australian 3-Days, 2011 Capital Orienteering Festival, 2011 (ACT-based) Oceania and Australian Championships Carnival, and the forthcoming 2013 Australian Championships Carnival.  As a consequence of being the mapper he has foregone the opportunity to compete in many major events.  He has also been the course planner and controller for many major events in recent years and updated many maps used for minor events.  His contribution has ensured the availability of high quality maps for ACT orienteers to enjoy.

Matt Crane
was named the ACT Orienteer of the Year, was presented with the Wehner Cup and also named the Male Elite Orienteer of the Year.  Crane scored a total of 668 points from his best seven scores of 12 events, just ahead of the 2011 title holder Olle Poland on 664, with Anita Scherrer third on 581 points.  Poland unselfishly sacrificed the opportunity to finish ahead of Crane by being the course planner for the final event at Picaree Hill.  The complete table of scores is here.

After three years of Parawanga supremacy as the champion club, Bushflyers regained the crown and won the Southern Cross Inter-Club Shield, having previously won the competition for 10 years from 1999 to 2008.  Bushflyers amassed 660 points from 12 events, with Parawanga second on 643 and Red Roos third on 463 points. The complete table of scores is here.

The full list of recipients of awards is here and photos from the evening are here (apologies for the quality of some photos; my 7yo Minolta DSLR struggles in less favourable light) 

Juniors Swell Numbers at Farrer Ridge

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Juniors swelled the number of competitors in the fourth event in the 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series at Farrer Ridge; over a third of all competitors were juniors.  It was the last of the Spring four-event Map Mates series; see above photo of participants after the presentation of awards. See here for more photos by Tom de Jongh of other competitors at the event. 

Class winners were:
Orange 1 (5.1 km): David Shepherd (MO – 26:43), Paul de Jongh (MJ – 31:22), Chris Helliwell (MM – 30:26), Grace Crane (WO – 29:28), Carol Harding (WM – 44:58), Shane Russell; Karolina Russell (Teams: 79:19).
Orange 2 (3.2 km): Kevin Watson (MO - 34:43), Jesse Piiroinen (MJ – 31:45), Bruce Bowen (MM – 28:15), Jasmine Elson (WO – 36:06) Kelly Young (WM – 34:45), Tony Leach, 1 Michelle Mackell (Teams - 45:29).
Green (2.2 km): Liam Wilde (MJ -19:39), Sophie Shaw (WO – 21:17), Hannah Bragg (WJ – 21:48), Lara Corry-Boyd (WM – 33:41), Nick Williams, Noah Poland (Teams – 21:36)
Blue (1.3 km) Nicholas Fitzgerald (MJ – 14:43), Ingrid Shelton Agar (WJ – 21:50), Ryan D'Costa, Tamja Baynes (Teams – 20:45)

The full results are here

Event 4 Points.
  There were 85 competitors eligible to score points in the Runners Shop Twilight Series competition. The top six placings on corrected times were unusual in that the first two were women and two others were women; making four of the top six women.  The top six were: Grace Crane (O1WO) 125 points, Lizzie Ingham (O1WO) 124, David Shepherd (O1MO) 123, Chris Helliwell (O1MM) 122, Carol Harding (O1WM) 121 and Ann Ingwersen (O2WM) 120.

Progress points: The top five placings, best two scores from 34events: Lizzie Ingham (O1WO) 250 points, Olle Poland (O1MJ), Grace Crane (O1WO) 249, Rob Walter (O1MM) 245 and Shannon Jones (O1WO), Matt Crane (O1MO) = 244.  The progress points table after four events is here and the competition rules are here

Next Wednesday’s event will be at Remembrance Park. It will be a normal park event, with full SportIdent controls. Before then will be the fourth event in the 2012-13 Street Series at Griffith-Narrabundah. And don’t forget to book your place at the Orienteering ACT Annual Dinner at the Terrace at the Memorial (AWM) on 25 November.

In Form Lizzie Ingham Leads Runners Shop Series

Sunday, 11 November 2012

An in form Lizzie Ingham is the early leader in the 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series.  The Series is a handicap based on the Orange courses (1 and 2) in which competitors’ times (teams excepted) are adjusted based on a competitor’s age and gender; more here.  After competitors’ times have been corrected their times are ranked in order and points are awarded on the order of placings.  Scores are aggregated and after the final event the best scores (half of events plus one, eg in 2012-13 that will nine of 17 events) are aggregated to determine the winner and other standings. Teams and competitors on Green and Blue courses are excluded to make the competition equitable as it is not possible to match times across classes on courses of different navigational standards or where competitors are working as a team.  2012-13 is the 17th series. 

Event 1 (The Pinnacle) 86 eligible competitors.  The top five placings on corrected times were: Lizzie Ingham (O1WO) 125 points, Grace Crane (O1WO) 124, Matt Crane (O1MO) 123, Rob Walter (O1MM) and Shannon Jones (O1WO) 121.

Event 2 (Campbell Park) 99 eligible competitors.  The top five placings on corrected times were: Olle Poland (O1MJ) 125, Grace Crane (O1WO) 124, Rob Walter (O1MM) 123, Ann Ingwersen (O2WM) 122 and Lachlan Dow (O1MM) 121.

Event 3 (Radford College) 66 eligible competitors.  The top five placings on corrected times were: Lizzie Ingham (O1WO) 125 points, Olle Poland (O1MJ) 124, Shannon Jones (O1WO) 123, Ewan Barnett (O1MJ) 122 and Matt Crane (O1MO) 121.  Ingham’s win was a surprise as Poland, a student at Radford College, was expected to win as he had a distinct home terrain advantage, but that did not happen as Ingham’s time of 22min59sec for the 3.4 km Orange 1 was good enough to win.

Progress points: The top five placings, best two scores from 3 events: Lizzie Ingham (O1WO) 250 points, Olle Poland (O1MJ) 249, Grace Crane (O1WO) 248, Rob Walter (O1MM) 245 and Shannon Jones (O1WO), Matt Crane (O1MO) = 244.

Not only is Ingham leading, but she also has a HRS (handicap relative score) of 0.97, the best rating since Trevor Jacobs achieved the target score of 1.00 in 2008. 

The progress points table after three events is here.

Rain at Radford An Extra Challenge

Friday, 9 November 2012

Heavy rain during Event 3 in the 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series at Radford College created an extra challenge. The above scene was typical of many encountered by competitors throughout the College, with the fading light making map-reading difficult in the passage ways....more photos here

Did You Breach Competition Rules at Radford College? As with other minor Sprint Distance events this year allegations have been raised that some competitors breached Competition Rules in regard to olive green areas and thick black unbroken lines.  Among the problems arising from the informal nature of most of Orienteering ACT’s events is that many participants do not become aware of Orienteering Australia’s Competition Rules and Orienteering ACT’s policies in regards to events. The specifications for Orienteering maps have various ways of identifying 'no-go' areas....more here

Next time you compete in a Sprint Distance event remember areas coloured olive green are out of bounds and that fences or railings identified with heavy black unbroken lines should not be crossed.  If you breach these rules you could be disqualified and worse you could cause approval for future use of a venue to be denied.

Class winners were:
Orange 1 (3.4 km):
Matt Crane (MO – 21:19), Oliver Poland (MJ – 20:22), Craig Cowan (MM – 35:37), Lizzie Ingham (WO – 22:59), Anita Scherrer (WM – 34:11).
Orange 2 (2.6 km):
Andrew Kerr (MJ – 23:44), Andrew Cumming Thom, Alan Sargeant (MM – 27:03), Hannah Bragg (WJ – 40:31), Cathy Hogg (WM – 29:49), Tekla Crocker, Georgia Crocker, Michael Vernon, Tallulah Milnes (Teams – 38:41).
Green (1.5 km):
James Phillips (MJ -12:10), Sheryn Ringland (WO – 17:56), Annabelle Mill (WJ – 13:29), Nick Williams, Noah Poland (Teams – 15:24)
Blue (1.3 km)
Jacque Viljoen (MJ – 11:56), Ingrid Shelton Agar (WJ – 17:34), Tom Harwood, David Fion (Teams – 13:03)

The complete results are here, the leg splits are here and the first scores for Runners Shop Twilight Series will be published as soon as they are available.

Next Wednesday’s event will be at Farrer Ridge. It will be a normal park event, but not a full SportIdent event.  Before then will be the third event in the 2012-13 Street Series at Stirling-Rivett.  And don’t forget to book your place at the Orienteering ACT Annual Dinner at the Terrace at the Memorial (AWM) on 25 November.

Cunning Capers at Campbell Park for Halloween

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A near record turnout enjoyed good weather at Campbell Park, with some of the Map Mates competitors starting their Halloween celebrations early; see above photos by Tate Needham.

Map Mates Results For Event 2
Orange 2: 3.5km 9 Controls
Penguins: 43:53:  Callum Inglis BS A,  Tristan Miller BS A; Awonkadonk Apples: 45:14: Zackery Needham RR A, Ben Kennedy, Noa Millman.
Green: 2.3 km 10 Controls
Warriors: 28:32: Jordi Canadell, Joseph Wilson GS A; Campbell Champions: 31:34: James Boyd BS A; Tahli Mullins BS A; N’n’N: 34:38: Noah Poland BS A; Nick Williams BS A; T-Team: 40:27: Jacinta Tattersall, Liam Tattersall.
Blue: 1.8km 9 Controls
Bogedas: 19:32: Boris Harwood-Edwards,  Daniel Whittaker;  George Harwood-Edward, The Noughties: 29:38Elly Darnbrough, Josie Slagmolen PO A; The Avengers: NTR: Patrick Nangle, Bryn Piiroinen BS A.

Class winners were:
Orange 1 (5.8 km): Lachlan Dow (MO – 28:43), Oliver Poland (MJ – 27:59), Rob Jessop (MM – 33:56), Grace Crane (WO – 34:25), Carol Harding (WM – 48:20).
Orange 2 (3.5 km): Joshua Fox (MO – 40:50), Jesse Piiroinen (MJ – 31:47), Hugh Moore (MM – 29:16), Jasmine Elson (WO – 34:30), Jessica Zhang (WJ – 59:48), Cathy Hogg (WM – 25:47), Tony Leach, Michelle Mackell (Teams – 38:15).
Green (2.8 km): Callum Waugh (MO – 33:11), Liam Wilde (MJ -20:38), Laurence Wilson (MM – 22:39), Kath Bell (WO – 22:18), Carys Connick (WJ – 20:58), Monika Short (WM – 27:05), Morten & Magnus Pedersen (Teams – 19:40)
Blue (1.8 km) Nicholas Fitzgerald (MJ – 11:12), Zoe Roberts (WJ – 22:59),
Dimitri Lourandos, Ronan Beltani (Teams – 13:50)

The complete results are here, the leg splits are here and the first scores for Runners Shop Twilight Series will be published after event 3.

Special Stages Awards
Course Planner, Wayne Gregson, and Organiser, Aaron Kooymans, decided to add more interest to the event by creating special stages for both Orange courses.  The special stages were Leg 9 on Course 1 and Leg 3 on Course 2.  The Course Planner’s awards would be determined by calculating the age and gender corrected time taken for the special stage as well as for the fastest outright time (only one prize per competitor however!). Calculations were made using the OACT age/gender factors used in the OY competition. The Organiser’s awards were based for Mystery times for each special stage decided by the Organiser and held in a sealed envelope until the event was completed.

The award winners were:
- Course 1 fastest outright: Lachlan Dow 7min16sec (pictured above left)
- Course 1 corrected time: Lachlan Dow 7min16sec
- Course 1 mystery time: Jon Glanville 15min11sec (mystery time 15min07sec)
- Course 2 fastest outright: Cathy Hogg 6min42sec (pictured above middle)
- Course 2 corrected time: Ann Ingwersen 4min38sec (pictured above right)
- Course 2 mystery time: Alan Thompson 11min36sec, Lynwen Connick 11min42sec
  (mystery time 11min39sec)

More details here

Next Wednesday’s event will be at Radford College. It will be a Sprint Distance, full SportIdent event, but before then the second event in the 2012-13 Street event at Hackett 

Focus on Young Orienteers at The Pinnacle

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Young orienteers were the focus for the first event of the 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series, with David Poland (on right talking to Geoff Wood in photo on right) staging another 8-team Map Mates competition and Andrew Cumming Thom (pictured below left) encouraging nearly forty students from the Canberra Grammar signing up for the whole series.  The young ones were very enthusiastic and obviously enjoyed the good weather.

The turnout was similar to the first event in previous years and all the top elites, Matt Crane, David Shepherd, Lachlan Dow, Josh Blatchford, Rob Walter, Lizzie Ingham, Grace Crane, Shannon Jones, plus the ever-competitive Trevor Jacobs were present, all seeking to win the 17 event Runners Shop competition.  Others to finish in the top 10 last year, Pauli Piiroinen (6th in 2011-12), Chris Helliwell (7th) and Grant McDonald (9th) also joined the fray.

The event also attracted around 35 newcomers to Orienteering; Orienteering ACT trusts that they enjoyed the experience.  And congratulations to Frank Ingwersen for his debut course planning for a Twilight event; well done.

Class winners were:
Orange 1 (5.5 km): Matt Crane (MO – 24:48), Paul de Jongh (MJ – 33:16), Rob Walter (MM – 26:29), Lizzie Ingham (WO – 30:09), Toni Brown (WM - 45:27).
Orange 2 (3.9 km): Jay Truscott (MO – 40:19), Patrick Miller (MJ – 32:14), Nick Melhuish (MM – 29:16), Tara O’Brien (WO – 36.21), Hannah Bragg (WJ – 41:45), Pat Miethke (WM – 48.52), John Woodall, Bronwyn Young (Teams – 55:59).
Green (2.8 km): Conor Bendle (MO – 34:21), James Rogers (MJ -24:39), Kath Bell (WO – 28:51), Carys Connick (WJ – 31:29), Lara Corry-Boyd (WM – 42;34), Morten & Magnus Pedersen (Teams – 27:21)
Blue (1.8 km) Harry Gibbs (MJ – 13:09), Katrina Hughes (WO – 20:28), Ingrid Shelton Agar (WJ – 23:04), Catriona Moxham (WM – 13:14), William Harlum, Jack Carey (Teams – 12:41)

The complete results are here and the first scores for Runners Shop Twilight Series will be published after event 3.

Next Wednesday’s event will be at Campbell Park (assembly area north-east of Defence Buildings), but before then the first event in the 2012-13 Street event at Forrest.

MTB-O Competitors Enjoy Day in the Sun at Pierce's Creek

Monday, 22 October 2012

Fifty competitors enjoyed a day in the sun contesting the 2012 ACT MTB Orienteering Long Distance Championships at Pierce’s Creek on Sunday.  This was considered a good turnout in light of a number of similar events on the same weekend. The photo above captures Toni Brown discussing tactics with Raynie McNee before the event started.

The 13.4 km Course 3 attracted the most competitors, 14.  Malcolm Roberts (M50; NC-N) who made the trip from Newcastle for the event was fastest on the day.  After a slow start he gradually made up time on the early leader, Robert Bleeker, and had a clear margin of over four minutes from Robert Prentice (M50; SH-N), with a further eight minutes to Andy Halliday (M50; MD-N).  Stephen Melhuish (M16; PO-A) fourth was the fastest ACT finisher on the course.

The result was much closer on the 10.4 km Course 4, with Paul Halliday (M60; MD-N) clocking 64 min 07 sec, only 49 seconds faster than Jeannie Douglass (W50; BF-N).

David Medlock (M40; AO-A) Jo Allison (M/WOpen; RR-A) and Noah Poland (M/WOpen; BS-A) were fastest respectively on Courses 2, 5 and 6.

Course 1 (16.4 km) had only two finishers and while Christopher Horne led throughout he was never more than his winning margin of 1 min 45 sec ahead of Fedor Iskhahov.

The full results and splits are now available.

ACT Juniors successful in Tasmania

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The ACT sent a full junior team to Tasmania for the Australian Schools Championships and were joined by other ACT juniors for the Australian Championships. The visiting New Zealand team demonstrated their strength at the Schools Championships, easily winning every class except Senior Girls, and the overall Southern Cross Junior Challenge.

Oliver Poland (pictured above on left) was the Australian Schools Champion in Senior Boys and Stephen Melhuish (pictured above on right) placed 3rd in the Junior Boys. The ACT Team of Oliver Mill, Ciaran Lane and Stephen Melhuish placed 2nd in the Australian Schools Junior Boys relay.

Oliver Poland and Stephen Melhuish were named on the Australian Schools Honour Team, and these two plus Oliver Mill (below left) have been selected on the Australian Schools Team to contest a TestMatch against New Zealand at the Oceania Championships in January. Shea-Cara Hammond (below right) is first reserve in the senior girls for this team.

At the Australian Championships many ACT Juniors placed well in their age classes:

  • Oliver Poland yet again demonstrated his consistency in M17-20E by placing 1st in the Australian and Tasmanian Long Distances and 2nd in the Australian Sprint.
  • Patrick Miller (M12) placed 1st in the Australian Long, 2nd in both the Australian Sprint and the Australian Middle and 3rd in the Tasmanian Long.
  • Heather Lane (W12) was 1st in both the Australian Sprint and the Tasmanian Long and 3rd in the Australian Long.
  • Stephen Melhuish overcame the New Zealand team’s domination in M16 to win the Australian Long.
  • Zoe Melhuish was the W10 national champion in the Australian Long and 2nd in the Tasmanian Long.
  • Annabelle Mill (W12) was 3rd in the Australian Sprint, Australian Middle and Tasmanian Long.
  • Celine Anderson (W17-20A) placed 3rd in both the Australian Sprint and Australian Middle.
  • Noah Poland (M12) placed 2nd in the Tasmanian Long.
  • Ewan Barnett (M14) was 3rd in the Australian Sprint.
  • At the Australian Relays the strong ACT team (pictured at right) of Patrick Miller, Heather Lane and Noah Poland dominated from start to finish to win the M/W12 class.

    The ACT Schools Team would like to thank Rohan Hyslop (Coach) and Nanette Bragg (Manager) for giving up their time for the trip to Tasmania and for their dedication and hard work in making sure everything ran so smoothly and successfully! (Story by Ana Herceg, photos by Nanette Bragg.)

    Dates for Your Diary

    Thursday, 4 October 2012

    After a couple of weeks of little activity be prepared for a busy period through to Christmas.  Ensure you do not miss the action; put these dates in your diary:

    ·         Sunday 21 October. 2013 ACT MTBO Long Distance Championships

    ·         Wednesday 24 October. Event 1 2012-13 Runners Shop Twilight Series at The Pinnacle

    ·         Monday 29 October. Event 1 2012-13 Street Orienteering at Forrest Primary School 

    ·         Wednesday 21 November. Last opportunity to book for 2012 OACT Annual Awards

    ·         Sunday 25 November. 2012 OACT Annual Awards, more details shortly


    Canberra Cockatoos Defend National League Title

    Sunday, 30 September 2012

    Canberra Cockatoos successfully defended their senior men’s title with an easy win in the 20th and final stage of the 2012 National Orienteering League.  The Cockatoos team of Lachlan Dow, Olle Poland and Matt Crane were untroubled in winning the 19 km relay (three legs of around 6.3 km) by over two minutes from the NSW Stingers; see photos on rigght for each leg.  At the end of the season they had amassed 181 points, well clear of the Victorian Nuggets on 133 and the Stingers on 114.  After leading for most of the season the junior men’s team slipped to third.  On Saturday, Matt Crane claimed the senior men’s title in the National Orienteering Series and Olle Poland won the junior men’s title for the second consecutive year.  Although he has yet to turn 18, Poland is also very competitive in senior races.  Crane had previously won in 2007.

    Another pleasing aspect of the result was the successful return of Lachlan Dow after a six-months absence due to injury.  Baring any further setbacks he should debut as a member of the Australian Boomerangs at the 2013 World Championships in Finland.

    The women's teams had a lean year, but with many events close to home in 2013 they can look forward to a better year.

    Below is a summary of the final stages of the National League and National Series; complete ladders here.  See here for the full results for the 2012 Australian Championships Carnival.

    At St Helens, Tasmania
    Sunday: Stage 20: MEN: Senior: Canberra Cockatoos 2h15m59s NSW Stingers 2h18m03s, Victorian Nuggets 2h34m44s; Junior: Victorian Nuggets 2h24m17s, Tassie Foresters 2h29m17s, Queensland Cyclones 3h26m42s.
    WOMEN: Senior: Victorian Nuggets 2h23m29s, Queensland Cyclones 2h23m57s, NSW Stingers 3h06m42s; Junior: Queensland Cyclones 1h55m11s, Tassie Foresters 2h11m50s, NSW Stingers 2h24m38s.
    Final points
    MEN: Senior: Canberra Cockatoos 181, Victorian Nuggets 133, NSW Stingers 114, Queensland Cyclones 75, Southern Arrows 59, Western Nomads 33, Tassie Foresters 28; Junior: Victorian Nuggets 96, Tassie Foresters 90, Canberra Cockatoos 83, NSW Stingers 67, Queensland Cyclones 44, Western Nomads 38, Southern Arrows 29.
    WOMEN: Senior: Victorian Nuggets 158, Queensland Cyclones 157, Southern Arrows 108, Tassie Foresters 59, Canberra Cockatoos 57, NSW Stingers 50, Western Nomads 25; Junior: Queensland Cyclones 108, Tassie Foresters 88, NSW Stingers 68, Canberra Cockatoos 45, Victorian Nuggets 41, Southern Arrows 19.

    At St Helens, Tasmania
    Saturday: Stage 19 (Final): MEN: Senior: 14.5 km: T Robertson (Nzl) 1h43m59s, R Preston (NSW) 1h45m35s, B Keely (Vic) 1h45m57s; Junior: 11.1 km: O Poland (ACT) 1h24m21s, B Nankervis (Tas) 1h27m34s, M Doyle 1h29m03s.
    WOMEN: Senior: 9.4 km: G Crane (Tas) 1h16m57s, R Effeney (Qld) 1h23m22s, K Preston (Vic) 1h25m09s; Junior: 7.6 km: H Muir (Qld) 1h18m21s, L Burrill (Qld) 1h20m36s, A Buckerfield 1h23m31s.
    Final points
    MEN: Senior: M Crane (ACT) 291, S Uppill (SA) 279, D Shepherd (ACT) 257; Junior: O Poland (ACT) 258, B Nankervis (Tas) 243, O McNulty (WA) 241.
    WOMEN: Final points: Senior: R Effeney (Qld) 288, G Crane (Tas) 285, A Prendergast (Vic) 245; Junior: H Muir (Qld) 273, L Burrill (Qld) 258, M Dawson (NSW) 235.

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