Keep up with the Kids

a coaching program for beginner adults, parents in particular, to learn orienteering so they can keep up with their kids!

Duration and Timing

4 consecutive weeks, in conjunction with the ACT Metro Series, from 15 June 2019 – 6 July 2019.
Coaching is between 10:30am and 11:00am.


Keep-Up is primary aimed at parents of children participating in Map Mates and/or SC-ORE and other beginner adults. If you’ve always thought about giving Orienteering a go, this is the perfect introductory program.



For non-members of OACT


For members of OACT.


For Season Pass Holders


  • The fee includes SI hire for 4 weeks. A $8 discount applies if you supply your own SI Stick.
  • During the 4 weeks, you may purchase an SI Stick for the discounted rate of $40 (normal price is $55)
  • The fee includes the four coaching sessions and the course entry fees for the ACT Metro Series from 16 Jun 2019 to the end of the season.



Introduction to orientating the map, map features, basic rules and how to use SI. Specific course hints.


Thumbing the map. Leg planning though attack point and catching features. Further work on Map Features. Specific course hints.


Contours and how to use them. Distance estimation tools. Specific course hints.


Using a compass. More advanced techniques such as aiming off, running a contour, running a bearing. Specific course hints.

After each coaching session, you do the course recommended by your coach. The entry fee for the course is included in the program.

Register for Keep-Up

Register for Keep-Up