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ACT MapRun Street Series: Isaacs-O'Malley, 5-7 Mar

7 March 2022
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Anyone entering an OACT event MUST comply with the current Covid-19 health advice in both their home state and the ACT, as at 24 hours prior to the event. Note that while travelling, it is your responsibility to maintain physical distancing and practice good hygiene. See also the OACT Covid-19 Policy:

Refunds of entry fees will be considered for anyone who is unable to attend the event due to Covid-19 restrictions. Information on travel to and from the ACT can be found here:


5.30pm to 6.15pm Monday 7 March, with assistance provided in the assembly area for first timers and for persons not using MapRun to self time and report their result. The MapRun course will be open from 10am on Saturday 5 March and participants can do their course any time from then until 6.15pm on Monday 7 March. The course map (in colour) will be available on Eventor for download. Persons who are unable to access MapRun on their phones can use an honesty system to self time their start and finish and visit the controls on their course then record their result.



A+ - all 20 controls, A - 18 controls, B - 15 controls, C - 12 controls, D - 8 controls, walk - as many as you can visit within 1 hour.

COVID safe control visits: This is a MapRun event, with no control plates out. Use of the MapRun6 app is highly preferred, but there is the option to navigate and self time the course if needed. The MapRun event name is: "Isaacs-O'Malley OACT Mar 2022 SA".

For more information on installing and using the MapRun6 app, see: This information includes instructions on how to review your result and amend it if MapRun fails to register at a control you definitely visited.


For COVID safety, pre-entry using Eventor is required for all participants using the daylight saving time season pass (preferred) or individual event entry ($5 adult, free for children, open until 12 noon on Monday 7 March). Register for a season pass (50% discount for a maximum of 20 events from 1 November 2021 to 28 March 2022: $50 for adults, free for children):

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I accept the General Risk Warning and Risk Waiver: --- I have read and will abide by the rules set out in the OACT COVID-19 Policy:
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Michael Tedeschi

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