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ACT Classic Series: ACT League #7, Isaacs Ridge

27 June 2021
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Parawanga Orienteers
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Anyone entering an OACT event MUST comply with the current Covid-19 health advice in both their home state and the ACT, as at 24 hours prior to the event. Note that while travelling, it is your responsibility to maintain physical distancing and practice good hygiene. See also the OACT COVID-19 Policy:

Refunds of entry fees will be considered for anyone who is unable to attend the event due to Covid-19 restrictions. Information on travel to and from the ACT can be found here:


Pre-entry only. Entries close 11:59pm Wednesday 23 June. This is not a joke – NO late entries and NO Enter on the Day.

COURSES (length, climb):

Hard 1 (9.4km, 340m), Hard 2 (7.5km, 250m), Hard 3 (5.4km, 230m), Hard 4 (3.6km, 180m), Hard 5 (3.7km, 90m), Moderate 1 (4.6km, 180m), Moderate 2 (3.3km, 140m), Easy (2.7km, 130m), Very Easy (1.9km 10m).


Courses are based around the southern end of Isaacs Ridge, with the longer hard courses venturing progressively further towards the northern end of the ridge.

Needless to say, the courses are hilly, with all but the Very Easy course going to the crest of the ridge at some point. Hard 1 to 4 include sections in steep and rocky areas, and will be a physical challenge to competitors. The longer hard courses include some longer legs through generally faster, more open, terrain.

Although Hard 5 is about the same length as Hard 4, it traverses the hill at a lower level where the going is easier, and has only half the climb of Hard 4.

In places the thicket (green) has expanded in area from that on the map but is mostly soft and accessible. The open areas have patches of long grass or dead thistles. There are scattered wild rose bushes and small areas of blackberries. The south-eastern most hill slopes have pine slash on the ground. Full body cover is recommended.

Some fences on the western slope are in a poor state of repair. The fence along the ridge is well-maintained, but it does not have barbed wire and is relatively easy to cross.

Some tracks are used by mountain bikers, so please watch out for them and give way when possible.


Between 10:00 and 12:00. Queuing starts. There is a 200m walk from the assembly area to the start.


Courses close at 14:00 (2:00pm). You MUST report to the finish by 14:00, whether you have finished your course or not.


Parking for the event is in the suburb of Farrer on Hawkesbury Cres and adjacent streets. Be mindful and respectful of the local residents.

To access the assembly area, walk uphill between the houses from the Hawkesbury Cres and Lambrigg St intersection and proceed through the Yamba Drive underpass.

Note: Distance to the assembly area from parking will be between 500m and 750m, with a further 200m from the assembly area to the start. Please allow sufficient time to get to the start. DO NOT park in the suburb of Isaacs, as this may jeopardise future use of the area.

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Event Contact Information

02 6162 3422
Course planner
Jon Glanville
Event director
Andrew Cumming Thom
Event controller
Bryant Allen
Contact person
Paul de Jongh


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