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Natalie Miller and Matt Crane took very different routes on the LOML (leg of most length), but both ended with the exact same split time.

Natalie Miller Has The Best Day at Mt Tay Tay

JWOC representative Natalie Miller showed her Style with an impressive Clean run at Mount Taylor on Sunday. Natalie was the fastest Out of the Woods on the Hard 2 course and took the win in the ACT League – seven seconds ahead of Grace Crane on corrected km rate, who was a further 13 seconds ahead of Shannon Jones in third.

The first controls on each of the hard courses proved troublesome with numerous competitors left wishing they could Begin Again. The scrubby Labyrinth caused many participants to lose minutes only to find that the control they were looking for was here the whole time.

The full results from yesterday’s event are available here and Livelox GPS tracking is available here .

The top 10 on corrected time at Mount Taylor were:

NameHandicapCorrected km rate
Natalie Miller0.7769 min 11.93 sec
Grace Crane0.7449 min 18.89 sec
Shannon Jones0.7129 min 32.27 sec
Martin Dent0.8909 min 39.77 sec
Matthew Crane0.91010 min 10.35 sec
Stephen Goggs0.72010 min 29.72 sec
Eric Wainwright0.53210 min 30.12 sec
Ana Herceg0.57610 min 35.58 sec
Matthew Stocks0.81010 min 36.43 sec
Alison Inglis0.61610 min 37.18 sec

The top five placings in the 2024 ACT League after four events are:

  • 518 Grace Crane
  • 515 Martin Dent
  • 486 Matthew Crane
  • 465 Allison Jones
  • 462 Matthew Stocks

The full standings are here.

The next two events in the 2024 ACT League will be held at Broulee this weekend, 4-5 May.
This is a rare opportunity to orienteer at this spectacular beachside location, consisting of intricate sand dune terrain, immediately adjacent to the picturesque seaside village of Broulee on the NSW South Coast. Enter now to ensure that you do not miss out on this special event.
Entries close Wednesday. The event bulletin is now available here.