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Quality Training Delivers Results

As we head towards our major event Easter 2023, it’s great to see so many ACT orienteers take up the opportunity to enhance their orienteering skills. This year alone OACT has hosted a broad suite of sessions offering both introductory as well as technical sessions from beginner to advanced.

In early February, over 5 sessions, Focus on Girls and Women, and Orienteering Training for Boys, offered an intensive series of trainings directed and delivered by a fun and engaging group of coaches, Natalie, Toby and Toni. These sessions raised the bar a notch or 2 bringing together plenty of family fun as well as serious training. This supportive, collaborative and confidence building environment is sure to have orienteers well prepared for the year ahead.

Mountain Bike Orienteering Workshops lead into the first MTBO event of the year, preparing new and returning riders in wheely great way! The terrific line-up of new and returning MTBO entrants at MTBO Coolamon Ridge demonstrates the increasing interest and engagement from our pedalling partners. Huge thanks to Marina Iskhahova and Rainee McNee for bring 2023 MTBO to life!

Then, 5 weeks of TRAKOTACK, targeting Easy level seeking to transition to the Moderate course. Newer orienteers and regular orienteers worked together on this one seeking advancement to reach their goals. As intended, these sessions set in train additional tools for the navigation tool kit for juniors and adults.

The final tranche of season opener training is happening this weekend, 17-19 March at the Cooma Training Camp. Five sessions lead by some of OACTs most experienced coaches will deliver barrel loads of boulders, and bundles of fun. This camp is for all ages and includes night training, day training and desk training! What more can be fitted into 48 hours!! This camp is highly recommended for those juniors intending to trial for a place in the ACT Schools Squad to compete at the 2023 Australian Schools Orienteering Championships (first trial 13 May).
If you haven’t made it to formal training sessions yet – this is your last chance this term.

Training for juniors will kick off in Term 2 with Blue Lightning sessions happening for an hour before Saturday series – watch this space for news and information on Blue Lightning 2023. For enquiries or to join Blue Lightning, send an email to .