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Junior League concludes for 2022

A chilly morning welcomed competitors at Mt Stranger for the final event of the 2022 Junior League.  A total of 115 juniors attended an event through the season with 42 athletes completing the seven events needed to qualify for the final scores.

Scores for the 2022 can be found here.

The closest of the dozen classes was the W18s.  Justine Hobson edged out Natalie Miller by 5 points with a total score of 232, which was the highest total score for a female competitor.  The M18 class also had the highest score for the male competitors with Oscar Brown’s 244 keeping him ahead of Nicholas Brennan and Alex Derlacki.  David Stocks collected 240 points in the M20 class with Oscar Woodford and Tommy Charles rounding out the placings.

The W14 class produced another tight result.  Alice Radajewski’s perfect score of 30 by winning the moderate 1 in the last event closed the gap to 9 points but Sanda Halpin held onto the final lead by 9 points.  The M14s had the largest group with total of 8 competitors qualified.  Ryan Mukherjee, Oliver Bishop and Kristian Maksan occupied the three podium places.  

The M12 classhad a change of leaders on the final day with Zaf Bluett-Jones 13 points for a win on the Easy course taking him past Ben Mansell who missed the event due to COVID, with Joshua Maniti taking third.  Naomi Penton was the sole competitor to qualify in the W12 class, completing 13 of the 15 events.

The placings in the W10 class was separated by just 6 points.  Elodie Leane held onto first place though Tahlia Maniti closed the gap with third on the Easy course.  Patrick Maundrell was the overall champ in the M10, with Arlan Leane second by managing to pass Harrison Collins on the final day.

The top three places in the W16 was achieved by Katherine Maundrell, Anastasia Yeates and Ella Hogg while Joshua Mansell, Thomas Fisher and Aiden Yeates took out the places in M16.

Please let me know at if you missed the presentations so we can organise to collect your award.