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Martin Dent Takes Lead into Christmas Break

(Pictured left to right: Martin Dent, Anthony Scott, Shannon Jones)

On Wednesday, Martin Dent scored his fourth 125-pointer in the 2020-21 Runners Shop Twilight Series in race 9 held on the north-western sector of Cooleman Ridge. His km rate, corrected for age and gender, of 5 min 32.29 sec was over 30 seconds faster than next best, 58-year-old veteran Anthony Scott. Defending titleholder, Shannon Jones, was third 5 seconds behind Scott.

The top ten on corrected time were

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Martin Dent 0.930 5 min 32.29 sec
Anthony Scott 0.760 6 min 04.19 sec
Shannon Jones 0.744 6 min 09.28  sec
Eoin Rothery 0.700 6 min 09.67 sec
Ryan Stocks 0.970 6 min 11.89 sec
David Stocks 0.880 6 min 13.52 sec
Owen Radajewski 0.790 6 min 14.10 sec
Eric Morris 0.830 6 min 26.53 sec
Andy Hogg 0.870 6 min 27.53 sec
Toni Brown 0.608 6 min 38.53sec

The full results for event # 9 are here and the maps and John Harding’s photos are here.

After event # 9, the top five best five scores in the standings are:

  • 624 Martin Dent RR A
  • 617 Shannon Jones AOA
  • 615 Ryan Stocks BS A
  • 610 David Stocks BS A
  • 597 Eoin Rothery RR A

The full standings are here.

Wednesday’s event was the last for 2020. The Series will resume with event # 10 at Bruce Ridge on 27 January, after which there will be five more events, with the Final event, # 15, being at Aranda Snowgums on 3 March 2021. The final standings will be based on the top eight scores.