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Close Competition in 2020 Classic Series

With COVID-19 denying opportunities to seek national and international honours, the 2020 ACT Classic Series has been very popular, with above average participation, even though the venues for the first three events have been steep, boulder-strewn areas, Isaacs Ridge, Tuggeranong Hill and Mt Jerrabomberra.

While the Orienteering ACT Board has yet to decide whether there will be any awards this year, ACT League scores are being calculated in anticipation that the Wehner Cup will be awarded on the basis of the best four scores from six events. Separate people have won the first three events on corrected times:

  • ACT League # 1: Isaacs Ridge: Top 5: Shannon Jones, Matthew Crane, Martin Dent, Ryan Stocks, and David Stocks. Jones was a clear winner, but the margin between Crane and Dent was close.
  • ACT League # 2: Tuggeranong Hill: Top 5: Matthew Crane, Tomas Krajca, Ryan Stocks, Mark Gregson, and Alison Inglis. Crane and Krajca were well ahead of other competitors, and Jones and Dent did not have good days.
  • ACT League # 3: Mt Jerrabomberra: Top 5: Martin Dent, Matthew Crane, Shannon Jones, Tate Needham, and Eoin Rothery. The margin between Dent and Crane was close, with a larger margin to Jones and then a gap to the other competitors.

The standings after three events are here and top 10 best two scores are:

  • 1 Matthew Crane AO A 249
  • 2 Martin Dent RR A, Shannon Jones AO A 248
  • 4 Ryan Stocks BS A 245
  • 5 Tomas Krajca RR A 244
  • 6 David Stocks BS A 241
  • 7 Mark Gregson RR A 238
  • 8 Paul de Jongh BS A 236
  • 9 Ian Prosser AO A 234
  • 10 Kathie Dent RR A 233

Maps of Toby Lang’s courses over and around Mt Jerrabomberra on Sunday 16 August and John Harding’s photos are here and more photos are here.

The next two events will be at Awoonga on Sunday 30 August and at Tidbinbilla on 13 September.