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Juniors Were Top Sprinters Through Haig Park

Juniors Ryan Stocks and Elin Erne were the fastest male and female, respectively, in the fourth event in the 2020 ACT Sprint Series at Haig Park.  The field of 99 enjoyed the smoke-free air and the rain held off until the event was over.  Course planners David Stocks and Ella Cuthbert prepared an interesting scenario with two courses, A and B (designed for head to head racing) which included a maze on the reverse of the map.  Some competitors found the fine detail difficult to read, which may have contributed to the number of MPs and DNFs.  All the results are here and the Winsplits are here.

A Series table has been created in Eventor for each age class.  The best eight scores from the 10 events will be counted and there will be no adjustment for age, as there is in other OACT Series.  The standings are here and the top competitors after race 4 (max possible points 500) are:

  • Men: Open: Tomas Krajca RR A 490
  • Men: Junior: Owen Radajewski PO A 460
  • Men: Masters: Tate Needham RR A 440
  • Women: Open: Tara Melhuish PO A 125
  • Women: Junior: Aoife Rothery RR A 350
  • Women: Masters: Shannon Jones AO A 375

The maps and a few photos are on Facebook.

Event 5 will be at Deakin on Sunday 16 February.