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Welcome to this occasional series introducing the names and faces of Oceania 2019 – they’re coming, are you?

Congratulations to Benjamin Wong (M12, pictured here in Tassie in 2018), whose entry was the first we received for the Oceania carnival – all the way from Hong Kong.

Perhaps like many of us Benjamin started orienteering with his family, in his case at age 5 in 2013, under the influence of his dad, Isaac. He kept running for the sport in Hong Kong before moving to live and study in Melbourne in 2018. He has taken part in Oceania 2017 in NZ, Australian 3 Days in Tasmania in 2018 and even at 2018 WMOC in Copenhagen.  From a novice without much interest to now having developed skills and courage in orienteering, Benjamin loves the sport, which he recognises is both physically and mentally demanding. “It’s good for children’s comprehensive development,” says dad Isaac. 

Benjamin wishes to run as fast and accurately as possible in this year’s Carnival and avoid getting lost in the forest! Well Benjamin, we’ll provide the forest, the rest is up to you!

Oceania 2019

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