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Wanniassa Hills is Venue for 2018 Junior League Event #11

Wanniassa Hills will be the venue for 2018 Junior League Event #11 on Saturday. The table of current scores after event #10 is here. The most competitive classes are:

  • W10: Zoe McCrae leads with 71 points from Astrid Evans on 61.
  • M12: Connor Lineen on 76 points has a narrow lead over Sandy Wilkinson on 70 points.
  • M10: This is the most closely contested class, with five competitors covered by 10 points. Charlie Field leads on 40, then Ross Wilkinson on 37, followed by Joshua Maniti on 36, Sam Green 34 and Ethan Joyce on 30 points.

Course planner John Suominen has prepared four courses for event #11:

  • Orange 1: 5.0 km: 16 controls
  • Orange 2: 3.3 km: 12 controls
  • Green: 2.2 km: 11 controls
  • Blue: 2.4 km: 11 controls

Important Access Information:

The Assembly area is at the pedestrian underpass on Erindale Drive just north-east of Sulwood Drive. Access is via a track which leaves Sulwood Drive just north-west of the Erindale Drive roundabout. For safety reasons, please approach this access track by driving south-east along Sulwood Drive and turning left, and leave it by turning left towards the Erindale Drive roundabout. Do not make an illegal right-hand turn across the painted traffic island/double lines. If necessary, use the roundabouts at Gaunson Crescent and Erindale Drive to make U-turns on Sulwood Drive. Do not park along Erindale Drive.

Parking adjacent to the Assembly area will be limited so some competitors will need to park up to 200 metres away and walk to the Assembly area.

The final three events are:

  • 18 August: Event #12: Aranda Bushlands
  • 25 August: Event #13: Cooleman Ridge
  • 1 September: Event #14: Stromlo West (Final League & Secondary Schools Championships)